Harry Pollard

Director and Actor
Confirmed Years:   1910-11 & 14-16

Director and leading man for the "Beauty" brand and husband of Margarita Fischer.

Harry would also produce via his own brand, Pollard Picture Plays.

"He is Kansan born, but his family migrated to California, where he was brought up on a ranch. He learned to ride and became strong and athletic. He got his first linking for the stage by winning a competition in school for the best recitation, and at the age of eighteen secured a minor position at the Alcazar Theater in San Francisco. His rise after this was rapid, and although he held many positions as lead in prominent stock companies, he returned several times to be welcomed warmly at the Alcazar. He is well known in vaudeville circles, having toured the country, with Margarita Fischer in 'When Hearts Are Trump' and other sketches."

- Moving Picture World, July 11, 1914

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