The Story of the Olive

Release Date:   5/6/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Social Drama
Director:   Sydney Ayres
Writer:   Caroline Cooke
Confirmed Cast:   Vivian Rich, Jack Richardson, Caroline Cooke, Sydney Ayres, Harry Von Meter, Perry Banks
Story Summary:

In Southern California lived Jose de Cabrillo on an estate which he had inherited from his ancestors, who obtained the land from the king of Spain. The scene is laid in the year 1840, "Before the Gringo came." A young American, Sam Blythe, who wishes to settle in California, notices in riding by the gate of the ranch, that it is offered for sale. He ays he will buy it if the olive industry is what he desires.

Mercedes, the daughter of Jose, is incensed at the thought of her father's selling the ranch, and especially so when she thinks of an American as a possible owner. The young American is shown all the processes of the olive industry from the moment of the picking of the olives to the finished product - the oil.

When paid the gold for the purchase of the ranch, Jose puts the gold in his desk. Ortega, the Spanish fireman, sees this and robs the desk. He refuses to share with his accomplices, who capture and kill him by placing him in the olive press. Prior to this the American has recovered the gold from the theif and in admiration of his bravery, Mercedes relents and the love that she has really felt all the time is manifested and the ranch is still her's and the American's.

- The Moving Picture World, Mary 2nd, 1914

Unique Occurrences:

British Release: July 13, 1914

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