Sweet Land of Liberty

Release Date:   3/31/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Harry Pollard
Confirmed Cast:   Margarita Fischer, Harry Pollard, Kathie Fischer
Story Summary:

Filippo, a rather prosperous peanut merchant, receives a letter from his wife, stating that she will shortly arrive in America. On his way home, he finds a lost child and, being unable to learn where she lives, takes her to his own home. He is seen, followed and arrested, and is unable to meet his wife when she arrives. His wife, finding no one to meet her, and in a strange country, soon becomes destitute and in desperation steals., is caught and is also locked up. Upon the day of the trial, by chance Filippo and his wife's trials come upon the same day. They meet. Overjoyed, they explain to the judge and are both dismissed. Their little home is brightened by the presence of wife and son, and the reunion is celebrated by a "spread."

- Moving Picture World, March 28, 1914

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