A Story of Little Italy

Release Date:   3/14/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Lorimer Johnston
Writer:   Marc Edmond
Confirmed Cast:   Sydney Ayres, Jack Richardson, Jacques Jaccard, Harry Von Meter, Vivian Rich, Louise Lester, Charlotte Burton
Story Summary:

Tony, a product of one of the gangs of the Italian quarter, is released from a country institutional farm, fully determined to be a good man. But old associations, and the ridicule of his former friends lead him into old ways, and the entire gang is caught looting an empty house. John, the leader of the gang and Tony's old pal, believes that Tony "squealed," and he swears eternal vengeance. Tony, in seeing a chance to break away, grapples with a policeman and in the struggle, the policeman is shot, not fatally.

Tony escapes into the hills, where a young revenue officer is looking for a gang of moonshiners, and here Tony meets the daughter of the leader, Mara, and they fall in love. As accommodations at the inn are few, Tony is compelled to double with the revenue officer. The sheriff, receiving a description of Tony, is about to arrest him, when Tony thinks of a badge left by the revenue officer and claims to be the revenue officer. The sheriff is satisfied, but the gang is aroused. Tony flees with Mara and the gang starts to pursue, but are captured by the revenue officers. Barclay, the leader, thinking Tony to be responsible, swears eternal revenge.

Tony and Mara settle down, and with a child there comes a full measure of happiness. But, released from prison, John and Barclay are so jealous of each other, that neither will permit the other to attack Tony. Barclay then coming to Tony's house, finds the true state of affairs - that Tony is not a revenue officer, and when he sees the happiness of Mara, he not only forgives Tony, but effects a reconciliation between John and Tony.

- Moving Picture World, March 1914

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