The Sheriff of Willow Creek

Release Date:   10/22/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Mustang
Genre:   Western Drama
Director:   Frank Cooley
Confirmed Cast:   Anna Little, E. Taylor, Jack Richardson, Louise Lester, George Webb
Story Summary:

Ralph Watson, the sheriff of Santa Rita, loves Madge Harvey, an orphan, who lives with Jane, an older woman, Bill Gleason, Ralph’s deputy, takes a liking to Madge, who repulses his advances. Ralph delays proposing to Madge until Jack, his younger brother, appears after an absence of several years. Jack and Madge immediately take a fancy to each other, which Ralph discovers, thus losing his opportunity of asking Madge to be his wife. He resolves to interfere, then changes his mind, thus sacrificing his own love for the sake of his brother, having promised his mother on her death-bed that he would take care of Jack. Later Madge and Jack are married.

One day Gleason, the deputy, opens the mail and discovers a poster from a sheriff in Nevada, offering a reward for a man wanted there for a crime. Gleason notices that the photo and description answers to that of Jack, and calls Ralph’s attention to it. Ralph ridicules the idea. Gleason informs the Nevada sheriff that he has the man he wants, and the Nevada sheriff comes and arrests Jack in Ralph’s office, Jack confessing to the crime. Jack is taken away and serves his time. Gleason tells Madge what has happened and she refuses to believe it. Ralph threatens to kill Gleason if he says anything more about it and tells Madge that Jack is called away on important business in connection with a mining deal. Jack also writes a note to Madge to the same effect. Later Ralph writes a note to Madge, telling of a big gold strike, and signs Jack’s name to it, also inclosing money.

Gleason makes advances to Madge and is “ fired” by Ralph. He mediates revenge. Later Jack is released from jail and returns home. Gleason meets him on the way from the train and a fight follows with revolvers, which ends by Jack capturing Gleason through a ruse. He lands him in jail. Madge thinks Jack is returning from his mining expedition, and there is a joyful reunion, Ralph looking on.

- Moving Picture World, October 23, 1915

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