The Song of the Seashell

Release Date:   8/28/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Adventure Drama
Director:   Henry Otto
Confirmed Cast:   George Field, Edith Borella
Story Summary:

The Song of the Sea Shell

Roy, a shepherd of the hills and a dreamer lured from his flock by the "song of the sea shell" as created by Lydia, the beautiful fisherman's daughter, who has just found the wonderful seashell in the surf where she has been wading. Roy and Lydia meet on the big sea coast rocks and become fast friends. One day Lydia shows Roy where she lives and they are surprised upon reaching the house to discover that a traveler, the great musician Rolla, has arranged with Lydia's folks to shelter under their roof for the night. Roy returns to his flock of sheep and sitting under a big tree soon falls asleep and dreams that Rolla has stolen the heart of his new friend Lydia. Troubled over the dream, Roy returns to the house and finds Lydia and her folks and Rolla together. Lydia has been making music upon her shell and the professor, in great admiration of her musical ear, offers to take Lydia to the city and make a great lady of her. Roy has entered unseen by the group and overhears the professor's offer. Jealousy enters Roy's heart and stealing back to his flock sits under his favorite shade tree and again falls asleep this time dreaming that Lydia elopes with Rolla. Roy follows them to the city where meeting Rolla strolling in his beautiful gardens, he attempts to stab Rolla, but Rolla drawing a revolver shoots Roy. Immediately Roy awakes to find Lydia and Rolla bending over him. He tells them of the dream and when Lydia hears that he was killed she loses control of her feelings and clinging to Roy's arm tells him "you must not die Roy, not even in a dream." Roy gazing into her eyes sees the love there that he has hoped for and gathering her close to his bosom calls her "Sweetheart." Rolla retreats leaving them alone.

Moving Picture World, August 1914

Unique Occurrences:

Also known as "The Shepherd's Dream."

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