The Sower Reaps

Release Date:   12/21/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Thomas Ricketts
Writer:   Robert Sanborn
Confirmed Cast:   William Garwood, Vivian Rich, Jack Richardson, Louise Lester, Harry Von Meter, William Eason, Harry Edmondson, Perry Banks, Charles Morrison
Story Summary:

On the occasion of the killing, in an accidental encounter, of Miser Pike by Peter Pelham, the district attorney, who for years has been hounded by the sinister old man, the latter manages to divert suspicion to Ben Rolfe, the schoolmaster and his political rival, also involving Rolfe's worthless brother, Tim, in the affair. Ben, to shield Tim, who recently has been robbed the miser of his hoard and therefore appears guilty, does not deny the charge Pelham has put upon him - though he escapes to another town. Tim is arrested by order of the district attorney, and a posse is sent after Ben, who is found and taken into custody by the sheriff. Meanwhile, Pelham has contrived to find in Pike's house certain incriminating paper, which for years the miser has held against him and used as a threat. He tells Laurel, Pike's daughter, that the papers will convict Ben Rolfe, whom she loves. The next day, however, at the inquest, the evidence being sifted thoroughly, Pelham breaks down and confesses.

- Moving Picture World, December 1914

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