The Stronger Man

Release Date:   10/30/1911
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Drama
Director:   Allan Dwan
Writer:   Allan Dwan
Confirmed Cast:   Jack Kerrigan, Jack Richardson, Pauline Bush, George Morrison
Story Summary:

Cliff Judson, a notorious bad man, in a drunken imbroglio, claims another victim. He tells his sweetheart that the shooting was accidental and she believes him. He is supplied with food and water and makes for the desert.

Bert Stevens, the sheriff, soon discovers his trail, and not waiting for any supplies, such as what Judson took along, soon follows him. After riding a long time he locates Judson, with the aid of his fieldglass, preparing to camp. He pushes on and soon has his captive in his power.

Stevens, who is now feeling the horrors of thirst and exposure to the sun, suddenly becomes blind. Judson takes advantage of the opportunity, and deliberately shoots the sheriff. He finds the key to the handcuffs and is soon freed. Judson then returns to his sweetheart and tells her that the sheriff did not find him. She does not believe his story; and after he has repaired to the mountains, goes in search of the sheriff.

He is found by Bessie in an unconscious condition, but is soon revived by water. She takes him home and nurses him back to health.

Sometime after, Judson visits his sweetheart, who accuses him of attempting to kill the sheriff. A quarrel follows, but it is stopped by the appearance of the sheriff. Judson is ordered out of the country. He repairs to the saloon, borrows a gun and when the sheriff appears, fires at him. He misses. The sheriff, in self-defense, shoots and mortally wounds Judson. Bessie, who had followed, rushes to the sheriff's side, ignoring her erstwhile lover, for she has learned that he is the nobler man.

-Moving Picture World, November 4, 1911, p. 418.

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