The School Ma'am of Snake

Release Date:   7/6/1911
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   split
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Comedy
Writer:   Allan Dwan
Story Summary:

Miss Burton, the new school ma'am of Snake, had two admirers who were usually waiting for her at the close of the day to escort her home. Of the two, she favored Curley Mercer, and gradually George Wicks learned to hate his more fortunate rival.

One evening the two men are waiting together for Miss Burton. When she appears she greets George kindly and taking the arm of Curley they start away. George is undecided for a moment, but soon determines to follow the lovers. Trailing along behind them, he witnesses a little love scene and hears them plan an elopement for the following day.

In his jealous rage George lays a plan to circumvent them. Returning to the ranch he tells the boys he wants them to kidnap the teacher and take her to a rendezvous in the mountains. He will bring the minister there and compel the teacher to marry him.

The next day he goes to the minister's home and lures him away on the pretext that one of the boys is very ill and has sent for him.

Was it accident or Cupid that prompted Auntie to visit Miss Burton's school in the morning? Miss Burton thinks her visit most inopportune, but at the close of the morning session, when Auntie takes her departure, she is kidnapped by the cowboys, who think they have the teacher. The teacher realizes that she was to have been the victim instead of Auntie, but determines to await the arrival of Curley before going to her Aunt's rescue.

The cowboys carry the struggling aunt to the buckboard and drive away to meet the minister and the impatient George; in the meantime Curley arrives at the school and learns from his sweetheart what has taken place.

They come upon the party in the mountains, to find Auntie belaboring the kidnappers with her umbrella, and they are in full flight before her frenzied onslaught. Finding the minister there, the lovers decide to wait no longer, and joining hands before the parson, he pronounces the words that make them one, and Auntie in her happiness caresses them all.

--Moving Picture World, July 8, 1911, p. 1612.

Unique Occurrences:

Possibly produced by the Chicago unit, released with "The Ranch Chicken."

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