The Sagebrush Phrenologist

Release Date:   6/5/1911
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   split
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Comedy
Director:   Allan Dwan
Writer:   Allan Dwan
Confirmed Cast:   Pauline Bush, Jack Kerrigan
Story Summary:

The appearance of Professor Feelum, at the Fiddleback Ranch, is hailed with delight and the members of the family have their bumps examined by the learned man. He discovers that instead of punching cows the ranchman should have been a great orator, his wife a great dancer, his son a great musician, and his daughter a great singer.

Highly elated they all practice in private what they believe to be their destiny and the result is some extremely comical situations. When they finally get together each tries to outdo the other to the great amusement of the ranch hands. It finally dawns upon them how extremely ridiculous it is and they start out to give the professor some 'bumps' he will remember. They come upon him on the trail where he is resting by the roadside and pummel him unmercifully.

The unhappy family, in trying to discover who is to blame for allowing the professor to examine their bumps, start fighting among themselves. In the turmoil the professor escapes and, seeking a secluded spot, he examines his bumps.

-Moving Picture World, June 3, 1911, p. 1267.

Unique Occurrences:

Split reel released with "The Elopements on Double L Ranch"

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