The Sheepman's Daughter

Release Date:   6/1/1911
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Drama
Director:   Allan Dwan
Writer:   Allan Dwan
Confirmed Cast:   Jack Richardson, Pauline Bush, George Periolat, Jack Kerrigan
Story Summary:

Richard Mead was a sheepherder who lived with his daughter in a hut in the mountains. He was hated by the cattlemen and was ordered to quit the range. Returning to his home he tells his daughter what has happened, and prepares to protect himself. The cattleman orders two men to go to his hut and put him out of the way.

In the battle that follows the sheepman is wounded and one of the cowboys killed. The surviving one returns to town for assistance and the sheepman secrets himself in the mountains. On the arrival of the posse they find the sheepman gone and force his daughter to leave also. She arrives in town to be scorned by the women and jeered by the men.

The new parson hears the insulting remarks and befriends her, offering her a home with his mother. In the meantime a cowboy has discovered the hiding-place of the girl's father and comes to inform the posse and is overheard by the minister, who determines to reach the fugitive first--if he can--and assist him.

The daughter pleads to be taken along and the two set out and come upon the sheepman in his refuge in the mountains. Shortly after the posse ride in and demand the immediate surrender of the sheepman. The minister knocks the leader down and, at the point of the gun he has taken from the prostrated cattleman, preaches his first sermon, the first perhaps these men had heard in years.

The posse return guiltless of the sheepman's blood and the minister has settled a desperate feud, filled his church, and gained a wife.

-Moving Picture World, June 3, 1911, p. 1267.

Unique Occurrences:

This was likely Pauline Bush's first role with the western company.

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