The Shriner's Daughter

Release Date:   12/22/1913
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Social Drama
Director:   Thomas Ricketts
Writer:   Julius Frankenberg
Confirmed Cast:   Edward Coxen, Winnifred Greenwood, George Field, Charlotte Burton, Violet Neitz, Helen Armstrong, William Bertram, Edith Borella, William Eason, Ida Lewis, Nina Richdale, William Tedmarsh
Story Summary:

William Lambert and George Goodrich were partners in business and rivals in love for the hand of Anne Cortell. When Lambert was accepted by Anne and they were happily married, the jealousy of Goodrich knew no bounds.

A few years after the marriage Anne dies, leaving Lambert a widower. Goodrich, in passing the house, sees Lambert leave to go to a meeting of the Shriners, his child remaining in care of the maid, and he sees a chance for revenge. Watching his chance, he steals the child and goes to a Western county. Lambert, returning from the Shriner's meeting, is heartbroken over over the disappearance of his child; he can find no trace of his daughter, and her disappearance remains a mystery.

Goodrich, in the meantime, posing as the father of Helen, becomes sick and is visited by Mission workers, one of whom, pitying the child, adopts her. Later, Goodrich tries to prevail on the woman to give the child back to him. Her for the child has grown and rather than part with her, she tries to buy him off and pays him a sum of money. This opens to Goodrich a new field of usefulness for the child - better to let her live with the kind woman, and he collect the toll. Ten years later Goodrich keeps on imposing his toll on the woman - her love for the child being so great that rather than give her up, she pays to the father the money he demands.

The girl, now grown into womanhood, enters a hospital as a treated nurse, where she meets a young doctor. He falls in love with her, and presses his suit, but she refuses him, giving no reason. One afternoon, while the doctor is at the house pleading with Helen to marry him, her foster-mother comes out of the house and he asks for permission, which is refused, she answering that there is no objection. Goodrich appears and beckoning to Helen, tries to secure from her more money. She, frightened, gives it to him and tries to hurry him off. He goes, but the doctor has seen, and so upon Helen's return, when he questions her, she tells him the story. He tries to overcome her objection by saying that he loves for herself alone, but she still refuses.

Lambert, after all these years of grieving for his daughter, has found no means of consolation except through devotion to the Shrine. He embarks for Santa Barbara to attend the convention of the Shriners on their "Hands around the State" tour. While attending the festivities, he is overcome by the heat. The young doctor, Helen's lover, who is also a Shriner, is the first at his side, and has him taken to the hospital, where he is placed under the care of Helen. Later, Lambert now convalescing, is being wheeled by the young doctor and Helen through the grounds. Lambert recognizes his former partner and rival even through all the lines of age and dissipation, and asks the girl who he is. She tells him that it is her father. Looking into her face, he sees these the likeness between the girl and his dead wife, and the whole magnitude of Goodrich's scheme appals him. He takes his daughter in his arms and he tells her the story. Later, Goodrich has been disposed of by due process of law, and Helen, the young doctor and her real father, make a pretty picture as they happily piece together the story which has made up their lives.

- Moving Picture World, January 1914

Unique Occurrences:

The California Shriners' tour was used as the backdrop for this project.

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