Single-Handed Jim

Release Date:   8/2/1913
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Drama
Confirmed Cast:   Robert Grey, Billie West, George Field, Chester Withey
Story Summary:

Jim makes a betthat he can stop the stage coach on two successive days, and this in spite of the fact that the sheriff boasts of his authentic record that no gun man has escaped him in his time of service.

A little love element enters the story when the sheriff's daughter shows favor to Jim and disregards the deputy sheriff, an ardent admirer.

Jim accomplishes the feat in a masterful manner. The deputy emulates the example in such a manner as to reflect on Jim, but his desire foils his plot and he comes under the strong arm of the law.

- Moving Picture World, July 5th, 1913

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