Suspended Sentence

Release Date:   4/14/1913
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Drama
Confirmed Cast:   Lillian Christy, George Field, Eugene Pallette, Chester Withey
Story Summary:

Old Judge Gainsworthy smiled doubtfully as he pinned a sheriff's star on the coat if young Frank Walling, for Frank was very young for the job. He did not however, turn an unsmiling face toward Frank's assiduous suit of his daughter's hand.

Taking a drink a few days later with a stranger, the judge noticed counterfeit money in his hands. A day later the stranger was found murdered and robbed and the youthful sheriff, with boyish enthusiasm, rounding up a wayfaring cowpuncher. The jury pronounced him guilty, but Judge Gainsworthy refused to pronounce sentence then. A sleepless night sent him to Oak Flats. He stopped for a drink, noticed the bartender refuse a counterfeit bill from a black looking gun man, called up the youthful sheriff and in two hours Black Conway was in safe keeping. There was no trouble about conviction this time and the innocent cowpuncher went his way. The youthful sheriff received a conciliatory pat upon the back from old Judge Gainsworthy, who winked and looked the other way when Frank's arm stole about his daughter.

- Moving Picture World, April 14, 1913

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