The Girl O' Dreams

Release Date:   12/31/1918
Distributor:   Pathé
Reels:   5
Brand:   Pathe-American
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Thomas Ricketts
Writer:   William Pigott
Confirmed Cast:   Audrey Munson, Patricia Lynch, Nigel DeBrullier
Story Summary:

After the death of his young wife, Phillip Fletcher, a millionaire and sculptor, makes his home on an uncharted desert island. Harry LeRoy, a cad who is courting the widow Mrs. Hansen, desires the widow's convent-bred daughter Norma and persuades mother and daughter to accompany him on a sea cruise. When the ship catches fire, Norma, abandoned by LeRoy and her mother in the confusion, is washed ashore on Phillip's island. Phillip clothes and shelters Norma, whose mind has become childlike from shock, and uses her as a model for his sculptures. Through Phillip's friend Jack, a photo of one of the sculptures travels to America, where LeRoy sees it and subsequently finds his way to Phillip's island. LeRoy tries to rape Norma, and in the ensuing struggle LeRoy is killed and Norma recovers her adult personality. Phillip, who is in love with Norma, sorrowfully returns her to the United States, but Norma does not board the boat, and Phillip, finding her posing as one of his statues when he returns to his hut, finally declares his love. - AFI

Unique Occurrences:

Perhaps the most mysterious project ever done by American.

This Audrey Munson vehicle which was probably produced directly after the making of "Purity" in 1916 since Audrey only lived in Santa Barbara during that year and many of the actors would list it on their credits.

The original working title was "Gem of the Western Seas."

Although produced in 1916 it is not clear if it was ever released. We list a release in 1918 as a possibility because it did receive a copyright then.

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