Release Date:   2/23/1911
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   1
Brand:   American
Genre:   Drama
Story Summary:

"Jack Merrill was prosperous. He possessed, but did not wholly deserve the love of his patient little wife and daughter. His besetting sin was selfishness. The home which would have been beautiful and attractive to Jack did not mean to him what home implies to the well regulated mind.

The club, with its poker game and convivial highball, occupied the evenings that should have brought happiness to the wife and baby, who loved and longed alone. Yes, Jack was selfish.

One night, while keeping the lonely vigil, her heart aching with her husband’s neglect, the wife resorts to strategy in the hope of regaining her loved one. She writes a brief note.


Your drinking and late hours are more than baby and I can endure. We have gone never to return. ALICE.

At 3:00 a.m. Jack arrives at this home in a rather unsteady condition. On his library table he discovers the note. Its contents dawn slowly upon his liquor benumbed brain, and as he realizes at last its full import, his grief is beyond all control. Alice secretly observes him from behind the portieres and feeling that his punishment has been sufficient, sends baby in to relieve the situation. Baby clasps her papa’s knees just as he is about to fire the shot which would have ended his life. His hand is stayed. “ Where is mamma?” he asks. Baby points to the bedroom. “ Mamma and you have been playing a little joke on daddy, eh? Yes. Well, you go and tell mamma I want to see her.” Baby runs out of the room to obey. Jack revolves the matter in his mind and determines to turn the tables. He fires the pistol in the air and falls to the floor. Alice rushes to his side and sobs over the prostrate form of her loved one.

The wife gains her point. Jack’s awakening is complete. He gathers his dear ones to his heart and home is home at last. "

- Moving Picture World, 1911

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