A Square Deal

Release Date:   6/10/1918
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   5
Brand:   Mutual Star Productions
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Lloyd Ingraham
Writer:   Elizabeth Mahoney
Confirmed Cast:   Margarita Fischer, Jack Mower, Val Paul, Constance Johnson, Louis Wells, Nanine Wright
Story Summary:

Alys Gilson leaves the complacency of her parents' home to move to the big city and partake in the lofty ideals espoused by the Culture Club. As a member of this Bohemian group, Alys succumbs to the influence of Peyton Le Moyne who preaches that marriages should be founded on absolute freedom. Consequently, when Thurston Bruce, a young lawyer not of the group, proposes to Alys, she accepts on the condition that the marriage be dissolved if either finds their love has ceased to exist. Bruce soon wearies of his wife's "serious thinkers" who occupy his apartment day and night, and their relationship becomes strained. Finally, Bruce informs Alys that they must terminate their marriage because he is in love with his secretary, Marion Hamilton, who will give him a real home. Brokenhearted, Alys returns to her parents' home to find Bruce waiting there for her and discovers that the whole story was a scheme to bring her to her senses.


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