Social Briars

Release Date:   5/27/1918
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   5
Brand:   Mutual Star Productions
Genre:   Comedy-drama
Director:   Henry King
Writer:   Edward Sloman, Jeanne Judson
Confirmed Cast:   Mary Minter, Alan Forrest, Anne Schaeffer, George Periolat, Jacob Abrams, Edmund Cobb, Milla Davenport, Frank Whitson
Story Summary:

Iris Lee is reared in the small town of Dalton by her deceased mother's friend, Martha Kane, and when she reaches adulthood, Martha's son Jim falls in love with her. When Iris fails to return his affections, Mrs. Kane treats her so coldly that Iris decides to leave the stuffy little village for the metropolis. On her journey, she accepts a ride with Jack Andrews, but after he attempts to kiss her, she leaps from the car and walks the rest of the way. While singing in the choir of a large metropolitan church, she is discovered by Jack's wealthy father Peter, who recommends her as a soloist. Light opera star Helen Manning, who has helped Iris to cultivate her voice, quarrels with her theatrical manager, and Iris is offered her position. On opening night, Jack bursts into her dressing room and drunkenly offers to take her home. Distressed, Iris returns to the village, but Jack, who remorsefully has given up drinking for a job in his father's firm, follows her to Dalton. Finally convinced of his love, Iris agrees to marry him.


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