Snap Judgment

Release Date:   11/19/1917
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   5
Brand:   Mutual Star Productions
Genre:   Western Comedy
Director:   Edward Sloman
Writer:   Samuel Hutchinson, Chester Clapp
Confirmed Cast:   William Russell, Francelia Billington, Harvey Clark, Charles Newton, Perry Banks, Adda Gleason, Ashton Dearholt, Bull Montana, Clarence Burton, Ruth Everdale
Story Summary:

Having overslept on the morning of his wedding, James Page is rushing to the house of his bride, Marah Manning, when he sees Jed Baldwin being attacked. He goes to Jed's rescue and is arrested for his efforts. After being released, James discovers that Marah has called off the wedding, and so, to console himself, he ventures West with Baldwin. His troubles just begin when he arrives in Arizona and, mistaken for outlaw Pete Rawley, is thrown in jail. Meanwhile, the real Rawley holds up Marah and her father who are searching for James and takes the two to his mountain retreat where they believe that James is their captor. Then Pete's sweetheart Phoebe helps James escape, believing that he is Pete, and takes him to the mountain retreat where they find the real Rawley. After the couples straighten themselves out, Pete and Phoebe escape across the border and Marah forgives James.


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