Southern Pride

Release Date:   10/8/1917
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   5
Brand:   Mutual Star Productions
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Henry King
Writer:   Julian Lamothe
Confirmed Cast:   Gail Kane, Jack Vosburgh, Robert Klein, Spottiswoode Aitken, George Periolat, Lewis Cody, Cora Drew
Story Summary:

The only remaining members of New Orleans' proud but poor Creole family are Lucie De Montrand, her brother François and their aunt, Tante Jeanne. Two men are in love with Lucie: James Morgan, a wealthy plantation owner whom her aunt wishes her to marry, and the impoverished Robert Orme, whose love Lucie returns. Desperate to win the favor of the town vampire, François gives her the jewels that Gaspar La Roche, an old antique dealer, had earlier given to Lucie. Then, when Lucie fails to wear them as the queen of the Knights of Consus Ball, Gaspar refuses to believe that she is ignorant of their whereabouts. If she marries him, he suggests, she may keep the jewels, but otherwise, she must return them immediately. Lucie learns from Corinne, the cook, that François has taken the gems, whereupon she visits his sweetheart and demands their return. As she walks home, Gaspar insults her, but she is defended by François and Robert. In the confusion, the gun that Gaspar had pointed at François is discharged and the antique dealer is killed. Repentant, François abandons the vampire and assumes his position as the head of the family, while Lucie, through the mediation of Father Moret, finally is allowed to marry Robert.


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