Spartan Spleen

Release Date:   10/31/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Mutual-Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Story Summary:

Dwiggins, an officer in the king's army, is sent to the general's house at the edge of the pampas to protect the woman and her daughter from the natives, who have become crazed with drink. He arrives, riding on his horse backwards and when the general's wife sees him she is convulsed with mirth. Her baby, May, comes out with a white rat in her hands and upon seeing it Dwiggins hops onto a chair and screams madly. He is the butt of the servant's laughter and the idol of May and the slavey. He plays his trump card when he routs the natives and they, maddened, set fire to the pampas. Dwiggins saves the general's wife and little May and then goes into the fire to rescue May's pet rat. Then it is that the general's wife realizes why Dwiggins has been sent to protect her and that he had a spartan spleen.

- Moving Picture World, November 4, 1916

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