Slicking the Slickers

Release Date:   10/3/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Mutual-Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Orral Humphrey
Confirmed Cast:   Orral Humphrey, Josephine Taylor, Joseph Massey
Story Summary:

Barney with the aid of Gerite, determines to get the rest of the bunco gang, who have frisked Barney of the stake he has just made. Barney disguises as a rube, lets the gang trim him at cards, then tells them that unless he can sell his farm he can't go on with the game. Gertie takes them aside and tells the men that she knows the farm, and that though the rube doesn't suspect it, there is oil on it.

The gang offers the rube the money they have won from him but he refuses to sell. They finally dig up all they can find and receive a deed to the farm in exchange. On inspection of the land they can find no trace of oil. While they are looking, the rube and Gertie drive up and point out that the oil is in tanks and belongs to the oil trust. The rube tears off his disguise, puts his arm around Gertie, saying "Let me introduce my wife," and speeds away with her, leaving the slickers slicked.

- Moving Picture World, October 21, 1916

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