The Secret of the Submarine - Episode 14

Release Date:   8/21/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Mutual Special Feature
Genre:   Serial Drama
Director:   George Sargent
Story Summary:

Hope has lost all trace of Cleo and is in despair. She has obtained a position in her native town as a nurse girl. Hook continues at the old room doing his own cooking. Morton is still intent on the secret. In a dingy apartment house he is thumbing "Robinson's Philosophy."

About this time there is a great public clamor for preparedness. Hook cheers wildly while carrying a banner in the parade. Hook and the peace advocates get into a wrangle in which Hook at last meets Hope, though plainly indicating he is no longer friendly because of Hope's supposed ill-treatment of Cleo. Hook attempts to assault Hope with the banner staff, but Hope good naturedly protects himself. After relating the whole story to Hook the latter is satisfied of Hope's insincerity and high purposes and consents to tell Hope that Cleo has returned to her home town to find a position to support herself. They arrange to start at once to find Cleo. They can obtain no trace of Cleo.

Passing by a recruiting station Hook declares he will enlist in the navy. Hope fails to dissuade him and Hook enters only to be stalled by the officers in charge. He hurries out to overtake Hope, who, in the meantime, has gone down to the dock to see the submarine. While there Cleo, who has wandered disconsolately down to the dock, approaches. She plans to commit suicide.

Hope fails to recognize her because of a heavy veil. She walks to the edge and is just on the point of plunging into the water when Hope rushes up and saves her. Recognizing him, she falls into his arms, refusing to notice Hope. Instantly that explanations are made, however, a pathetic reunion of Cleo and Hope is effected. That night Olga obtains access to Morton's room and, armed with a dagger, demands the book of the startled Morton. Across the court Mablin is watching from a windown. Olga takes a packet from her bosom, flaunts it in Morton's face and tells him she holds the secret of Montgomery's daughter.

Morton retaliates by charging that he saw her murder Dr. Burke. Olga rushes for Morton with a dagger, Morton grabs the knife and plunges instantly, recoiling from the sight in horror. There is a smash at the door. Mablin dashes in and after a fight with Morton, grabs the packet and the book and makes his escape by the window.

Two policemen enter. Olga rises, points accusingly at Morton and falls backward. They handcuff him. Just as they take him, Mahlin, with book and packet, drops off the lower section of the fire escape and gets away.

- Moving Picture World, August 26, 1916

Unique Occurrences:

See Episode One for cast listing.

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