A Studio Satire

Release Date:   7/23/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Orral Humphrey
Confirmed Cast:   Orral Humphrey, Josephine Taylor
Story Summary:

It's not often that stories "happen" in a studio, but such is the case. The story was a terror for the actors who were to take part in it and when they hear that there was to be a lot of "thrill stuff" and that would surely end in someone being hurt they resolved to avert it if possible. One of the characters strolled in with a peculiar purchase he had just made. The purchase consisted of a box of "Dreamo Pills," every color advertised to produce a different dream. Yellow was for the vampire stuff, and thinking that perhaps a vampire was not quite as dangerous a thrill one of the actors dropped a yellow pill into each of the glasses of grape juice which the director and the author was sipping. And while Morpheus took a hand in it the bunch departed for a dip into the surf.

It was funny dream that the director and his author had, all about a vampire who captured the director in the face of her lover. And naturally the spurned lover followed her to her apartments, where he saw her play for the passions of the poor director. The "Vamp's" servant stood watch while the Vamp and her quarry partook of sparkling beverage. But the servant didn't watch keenly, as was evidenced when the spurned lover took a shot at the glass the director was holding and knocked it out of his hand. Then there was turmoil, as the spurned one and the new one struggled in the room. The servant drew a curved knife and proceeded to puncture the spurned lover who was causing the most noise. But the director could not see a defenseless life taken and came to the rescue of the spurned one. Then the villain had a revulsion of feeling and wept on the shoulder of the man who had saved his life. He was forgiving the vampire to the director for life, but the director's experience was sufficient, so he joined the vampire's hands with those of the man she had spurned and left the scene as a good hero should.

Then the bunch returned from their dip in the surf and found the director and author still sleeping. They shook them into the light and they awakened with a start, the question of a story was again broached and the director and his author found that they had dreamed fairly good ones. They swapped dreams and the write started banging his typewriter, while the director went out to cast his people and get the story under way.

- Moving Picture World, July 29, 1916

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