The Secret of the Submarine - Episode 08

Release Date:   7/10/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Mutual Special Feature
Genre:   Serial Drama
Director:   George Sargent
Story Summary:

Cleo and Hope escape. Morton and Olga, meeting them, offer a fake excuse for their presence. Mahlin and Satsuma, believing Cleo and Hope are killed, plan to steal their launch when the owners appear. A broken propeller delays departure.

Fitzmaurice agrees to wireless his friend, Dr. Owen, also a book purchaser. Satsuma overhears this. He and Mahlin embark hurriedly for shore. Repairs on Hope's launch proving simple, his party catches the Sandburg train. Hope rescues Cleo, but Morton and Olga escape and hurry to Sandburg. Mahlin is about to get the book when Owen receives the wireless message. Olga also fails.

That night Mahlin enters the Owen house. The doctor returns to discover Olgs, who pretends she needs medical treatment. Hope and Cleo reach Owen on the telephone. He promises to deliver the book to them.

Satsuma sees Cleo with a book and grabs it. Dr. Owen, entering a cafe, has a boy page Hope. Morton answers. Hope enters and grasps the situation. He attacks Morton, when the building is wrecked by an earthquake.

- Moving Picture World, July 15, 1916

Unique Occurrences:

See Episode One for cast listing.

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