She Walketh Alone

Release Date:   4/21/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Drama
Director:   William Eason
Confirmed Cast:   Vivian Rich, David Lythgoe, Charlotte Burton, Jack Richardson, Harry Von Meter
Story Summary:

Rita Horton, a fashionable butterfly whose greatest affection is for her Pomeranian dog, becomes engaged to Loring Page, a young lawyer, through parental arrangements. During their engagement, young Loring, while on a vacation, meets Edith Evans and falls in love with her, but she rejects him, knowing his promised marriage to Rita. In due time Rita and Loring are married, but Rita continues to hold all else secondary to her affection for her dog, even to substitute a picture of herself with the little creature in her arms for a picture of her husband's, the favorite Madonna and Child.

At the death of her father, Edith Evans is left alone in the world and selects nursing as a vocation. In answer to an urgent call she is surprised to find that Loring is to be her patient, but as he is delirious she accepts the case. In Loring's delirium he talks only of a home and children, and Edith, seeing the photo of Rita and her poodle and later finding the discarded picture of the Madonna and Child, surmises the cause of his hallucinations. Leading Rita to the bedside of her delirious husband, Edith uses the two pictures as a test, leaving the hearer to judge her future course from the frenzied talk of the patient. When the crisis passes, Edith leaves the sick man before he recognizes her presence, and, as the time passes, she reads of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Loring Page. Knowing that she has nobly done her part to make the lives of husband and wife worth living, she goes away alone.

- Moving Picture World, April 17, 1915

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