The Secret of the Submarine - Episode 03

Release Date:   6/5/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Mutual Special Feature
Genre:   Serial Drama
Director:   George Sargent
Confirmed Cast:   
Story Summary:

When Cleo Burke discovers her father is murdered she gives a scream which is heard by Gerard Morton, who happens to be passing the house. He rushes in and lifts the unconscious Cleo on to a couch. He looks over Burke’s body. The papers on the inventor’s desk have been all mussed up indicating that someone was trying to discover the secret of the submarine. Morton hurries for a doctor as Hope and Barnacle appear. While Hope is trying to comfort Cleo, Barnacle investigates and finds in one hand of the dead man a button tightly clutched. He sees that a button is missing off of the Lieutenant’s coat. His friendship prompts him to pocket the button.

When Morton returns with the doctor he says he can easily trace the murderer, as there is a button clutched in the dead man’s hand. Consternation reigns when an examination fails to disclose the button. Morton is unable to explain and he looks suspiciously at Hope and Hook. Naturally Hope must withhold the first payment on the invention which he was authorized to make for the government and Cleo, apprised of the fact, learns she is about penniless.

She recalls that the doctor often told her certain books in the library contained a fortune, so she determines to sell them. The books are sent to an auctioneer in a nearby city. But just as they are sold Cleo learns from a note left in the old family Bible that the books contain the secret of the submarine. The foreign spies also learn this, and all make haste to recover the books. Cleo, Hope and Hook start for the auction house but miss the train. They determine to make the race in an auto, for the spies have already got a start on them. Hope, driving the car down a long grade at a high speed faces death if he stops the car and faces death if he doesn’t.

His only alternative is to leap the broken bridge by trusting to more speed and this he gives the auto. It is a terrible moment for the trio, but the leap is negotiated and they land safely on the other side. The foreign spies arrive at the auction house ahead of Hope and Cleo. The auctioneer refuses to surrender the original list of purchasers, but permits copies to be made. Satsuma, knowing Hope and Cleo are en route, sets fire to the auction house. Cleo and Hope drive up to find the building in flames.

-Moving Picture World, May 20, 1916

Unique Occurrences:

See Episode One for cast listing.

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