Skelly's Skeleton

Release Date:   5/8/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Archer McMackin
Confirmed Cast:   John Sheehan, Carol Holloway
Story Summary:

Betty is the pretty daughter of hardhearted father who insists that she marry one of many millionaire fops whose most strenuous exercise is the international game of croquet. Betty cannot see them and pines for the re-blooded Skelly, whom she loves.

She dispatches a note to him. Her father inform s him with no little ceremony that Betty must marry one of the millions and link two great fortunes. Skelly in told to leave the grounds.

Skelly returns to him office, gets a great idea and phones Betty to give a “ ghost party.” She carries out his instructions and a happy gathering of “ fops” and pretty girls enjoy themselves in the semi-darkness of a well decorated living room.

An enormous skeleton head falls from the chandelier and between its teeth is a note instructing the party to come to the vastness of the forest, where the sacred magician will choose from their midst the true lover of Betty. They start out, father well up in front.

Here in front of the fire stands the magician who bids them sit in a semicircle, and then tells them that the “ Skeleton of Fate” will select the lucky one. Slowly the skeleton comes forward on the party, who can stand the strain no longer, and break for the woods. Father goes into a dead faint and is alone save Betty, Skelly, skeleton and the magician. They pick him up and carry him home.

Here he revives sufficiently to thank Skelly for his bravery. Skelly tells him that it was all a plot. Father rages, but gradually comes to the realization that Skelly has cleverly outwitted him. His frown breaks into a smile and he blesses the happy lovers.

- Exhibitors Herald, May 20, 1916

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