Snow Stuff

Release Date:   3/24/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   3
Brand:   Mustang
Genre:   Buck Parvin comedy
Director:   William Bertram
Writer:   Charles Van Loan, William Pigott
Story Summary:

The Titan Motion Picture Company is getting along well enough without Mr. Gordon, leading stockholder and general western manager., when that important personage unexpectedly drops in upon them, at Truckee. They are in Truckee taking "snow stuff" and are so busy that much as Monty, the producer, admirers Myrtle Manners, the leading lady, he cannot find the time even to go skating with her.

Mr. Gordon, however, finds the time to visit the Ice Palace, but being supercilious and officious fails to make friends. Buck Parvin joshes him, and Myrtle, to whom he takes an immediate fancy, openly snubs him, despite his high and mighty position. Ignoring Gordon's order to call and see him at his hotel, Monty follows their program and takes the company to Donner Lake the next morning, and everything goes well till Gordon comes. Then he commences to get in the way and things happen to him.

Monty and Myrtle rehearse a scene perfectly, but it does not please Gordon. Myrtle suggests that Gordon show them how, and he does. He takes advantage of the scene and attempts to kiss Myrtle and she brings the butt of the revolver down on his head. He falls into the river, through the ice, and comes up blowing ice cold bubbles. After many mishaps, he reaches New York and lodges a complaint.

While Seligman, the head of the company positively refuses to discharge Monty, he compromises by agreeing to let Myrtle go. While they are talking, the office boy announces that "Snow Stuff" is ready to run, and they go to the projecting room to see it. Seligman pronounces it fine. Gordon dissents, and while he is explaining why the film is no good, the operator runs twenty-six feet illustrating just how Mr. Gordon would do it. Dupree had taken it while Gordon was showing them how. It is needless to say that Seligman refuses to fire Myrtle after that, or to mention the fact that Gordon resigns as western manager.

When Monty hears about it, his voice does not serious when he bawls out Dupree for putting in that piece of "maverick" film.

- Moving Picture World, March 25, 1916

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