The Soul of the Vase

Release Date:   6/9/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Drama
Director:   William Taylor
Confirmed Cast:   Robyn Adair, Beatrice Van, Joseph Harris
Story Summary:

Jason, the potter, is consumed by an inordinate desire to create a perfect vase. He subordinates everything - his life, his wife. Into Jason's home comes Clark, the connoisseur, and he at once is struck with love for Rene, the wife. He pleads with her to fly with him, and leave Jason alone with his clay and his kilns. The steadfast Rene, however, repulses the ardent wooer.

Meanwhile Jason's zeal grows. To add a desired luster to his vase he seizes Rene's jewels, grinds them and mixes them with his clay. Then the potter nods and dreams. Rene comes in a vision and offers him her soul if it can help him attain the perfect vase. The uncurbed ambition of the potter compels him to accept, and with his fevering craving for perfection, he places the soul of his wife within the red-hot kiln. Greater and greater the heat becomes. Nearer and nearer is Jason's vase approaching his ideal. Then comes the thought of Rene, suffering, not from the heated kiln, but from absence of love from him. The potter comes to his senses. From his mind the mad desire for the perfect vase has vanished. In its place has come a love for Rene, whom he clasps lovingly to his breast.

- Moving Picture World, June 12, 1915

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