The Stay-At-Homes

Release Date:   5/25/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Romance
Confirmed Cast:   Webster Campbell, Neva Gerber, Gladys Kingsbury, Kathryn Wilson
Story Summary:

Arthur Baldwin, a book worm, upsets his family by refusing to enter into the social gayety of their lives. He also annoys them by his inveterate habit of smoking and is daily turned out of every room, until he longs for some place where he can breathe and smoke in peace. Their nearest neighbors are the Howards. Helen, the daughter, is also a stay at home and a book worm. Arthur's family try to persuade him to go to the matinee, but he refuses and after they leave the cook and maid go out for the afternoon. Arthur, tired of reading, thinks he will take a stroll and while exploring the garage, finds an empty room which he decides will make an excellent den. He determines to act upon an idea at once, and goes back to the house to gather together some furnishings. Helen Howard has also been left home, and is quietly reading upon her balcony. Arthur, on reaching the house, finds he is locked out and finding the sitting room window open, enters that way. Helen sees what she thinks to be a burglar entering her neighbor's house. She gets a revolver and follows him. She sees the supposed burglar making a bundle of the contents of one of the rooms and she holds him up and asks him what he is doing there. Arthur demands to know what she is doing in his house. She explains that she lives next door and has taken him for a burglar. They soon find they have a mutual love of books, but when Helen explains that she objects to smoking Arthur promptly promises to give it up, the gardener benefiting. Helen asks Arthur to call on her and a few days later their respective families are astonished to find them each dressing up, a very unusual proceeding. Later the explanation is found when they see Arthur and Helen spooning in the moonlight garden.

- Moving Picture World, May 22, 1915

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