Some Night

Release Date:   1/26/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Jack Dillon
Confirmed Cast:   Carol Holloway, John Sheehan, Bessie Banks, George Ahern, Martha Martin
Story Summary:

SOME NIGHT — Beauty (Jan. 26). —The cast: Gladys (Carol Halloway); Dick (John Sheehan); Mrs. Boardem (Bessie Banks); Howarth (George Ahearn); May (Marty Martin). Directed by Jack Dillon.

Gladys, longing for romance, and Dick, looking for adventure, meets in a flirtation over the wall of Miss Boardem’s select boarding school. Miss Boardem intervenes but not before Gladys has invited Dick to a fudge party in her room that night. Alarmed by a knock, Gladys hides Dick in her closet where he dons a dress and bonnet and when Miss Boardem comes in, is introduced as Gladys’ sister from the country. Miss Boardem is delighted to meet sister and decides that she shall share her room, to the consternation of the girls.

Two other strangers arrive at the school that night — Dick’s father, a professor, who has come to accept a new position, and Slippery Sam, who has an eye on the tuition money. Sam gets the money and slips out of Miss Boardem’s room as she brings Dick in. Dick escapes and Miss Boardem thinks he has taken the money. He bolts into his father’s room and while he is trying to explain, Miss Boardem discovers him and demands that father leave instantly.

Meanwhile, Slippery Sam has broken into Gladys’ room in an effort to escape and the girls, seeing him disappear under the bed, think it is Dick and pass him a plate of candy. The maid tells Miss Boardem of a burglar in the house and they make for Gladys’ room, where Dick’s bonnet falls off and he dives under the bed to hide his confusion. Dick and Sam fight — Sam is dragged out and the money found on him. Father claims Dick as his son and Miss Boardem relents. It is, in sooth, “ some night.” — Moving Picture World, January 22, 1916, p. 662.

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