Starlight's Devotion

Release Date:   11/21/1910
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   1
Brand:   American
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Thomas Ricketts
Confirmed Cast:   Jack Kerrigan
Story Summary:

Back in the East Dick Carewe loved Ethel Morgan. He was poor, and she was a daughter of wealth. Dick’s fine manhood and sterling qualities awakened an all-devouring love in Ethel’s heart. Their troth was pledged, and Ethel’s father was consulted, and in a spirit of mercenary prejudice he repulsed Dick. Resolved to obtain his loved one, Dick is resolved to obtain the fortune Morgan demanded his son-in-law should possess. He bade his sweetheart good-bye, and with her locket about his neck left for the West and opportunity, vowing not to communicate with Ethel until he was ready to return and lay a fortune at her feet. Lone Gulch was his destination, and once there he began prospecting. A filter of gold dust in the bed of a stream attracted him and he staked a claim. His camp was on the edge of an Indian reservation and it was quite natural that he should meet Starlight, a daughter of the tribe. She was a sweet, romantic little thing, and instantly fell in love with Dick. He, unaware of the girl’s passion, lavished kindness upon her, innocently nurturing her love until her whole life was wrapt (sic) up in him. Starlight was betrothed to a young brave of her tribe, the choice of her father. The young Indian hated Dick, and vowed a jealous vengeance, inspiring in Starlight a fear for the safety of the white man. Back home, Ethel was grieving for Dick. Her unsatisfied love was slowly killing her and the family physician, powerless to administer to the love-sick maiden, advised a change of climate. Mr. Morgan owned a ranch in the vicinity of Lone Gulch, and he took Ethel out there to recuperate. Dick had kept his vow of silence and had never written to Ethel, so she was ignorant of his whereabouts.

Starlight and Ethel became great friends. Neither was conscious of the other’s love for Dick. The little claim petered out, and the young prospector became discouraged. He resolved to seek his fortune elsewhere. Wandering over the Arizona desert without water, food or horse, half dead from thirst and exhaustion, Dick fell unconscious at the edge of a cliff overlooking a canyon. The earth gave way and he was plunged into the river a hundred feet below. Starlight, in her canoe, saw Dick fall, and she rescued him from a watery grave. Fearing to take him to her own people lest the young brave carry out his threat, she fetched bandages and blankets, and under an old tree, nursed Dick back to life. Accidentally she discovered the locket about his neck, and the realization of his love for Ethel overcame her. She fought a great battle of self-sacrifice and took the man she loved back to Morgan’s ranch. Her heart broken when she beheld the greeting of the two lovers and the reconciliation of the father, and she wandered away through the woods until she came to the old tree. With heart-broken devotion she crooned over the spot where Dick had lain while she nursed him. Nature cried out its comfort. The daughter of nature sank into the embrace of the gnarled old tree of centuries, and was soothed by the whisper of the wind in the branches.

- The Nickelodeon, November 15, 1910, p. 293

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