Spider Barlow Meets Competition

Release Date:   1/14/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Charles Bartlett
Confirmed Cast:   Edward Coxen, Winnifred Greenwood, George Field
Story Summary:

The morning paper contains a brief item to the effect that Willard Dale, the wealthy young district attorney, has given his wife a handsome and costly jeweled necklace. The news item has peculiar significance for Spider Barlow and his pal, Spike. Spider plans a campaign. They pose as a team of odd-job gardeners and obtain employment at the Dale home. They at once proceed to learn "the lay of the land."

The Dales plan to go that night to a masquerade ball. Willard Dale forgets to order his costume, but at the last moment has an idea. He puts on a mask and some rough clothes and goes as a burglar.

The policeman on the Dale's beat, invites the Dale maid to go that night to the policeman's ball. The house if left empty and Spider and Spike make a leisurely survey of the premises. They find the empty necklace case on Mrs. Dale's dresser and know they will have to wait for her return to get the necklace. They clean up the silver and Spike leaves while Spider waits.

Upon returning home Dale playfully puts on his mask and amuses his wife by breaking in through the front door as a burglar. Once inside they suspect the presence of real burglars and in the excitement forgets to take off his mask. The hunt starts and there is a most confusing mix-up. Mrs. Dale runs into her husband and takes him for the real burglar. Later she runs into Spider and takes him for her husband. It is then that the necklace becomes Spider's.

The policeman accompanies the maid home and enters the complication. He also mistakes Dale for the real burglar and there is a scuffle in which Dale is compelled to "knock out" the cop. Spider makes for a tranquil exit. Dale promises to get another necklace for his wife who tearfully admits that everything will be all right.

Exhibitor's Herald, January 1, 1916

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