The Secret Wire

Release Date:   1/14/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Romance
Director:   Thomas Ricketts
Confirmed Cast:   Harold Lockwood, May Allison, Harry Von Meter, William Stowell
Story Summary:

Harold Locke is a "trouble shooter" employed by a telephone company to keep its lines in order. He is sent by his "boss" to install a telephone extension in the room of Vera Strong, the pampered daughter of Milton Strong, millionaire. He is attracted by the fresh beauty of the girl , while she is impressed with the handsome vigor of the young lineman.

It is Vera's birthday, and as a gift to his daughter Milton Strong purchases a high-priced motor car. Jed King, who sells the car to Strong is an auto salesman by day and an auto bandit by night. He decides that his patron shall also be his victim, and he and his gang lay plans accordingly. King volunteers to teach Vera to drive the car. She accepts his proffered services, and King drives to a secluded spot where, by prearranged plan, his fellow bandits pounce upon them. Vera is seized and is held for ransom.

Locke is sent to locate a secret wire which long has baffled the telephone officials. It is a connection between Jed King's out office and the rendezvous of the crooks. While searching for the connection, Locke is a witness to the kidnapping of Vera. He summons the police, then, single-handed he flies to the girl's rescue. After a thrilling revolver fight in the speeding autos, the bandits escape with the captured girl. Locke trails them to an abandoned shack, where he is overpowered, bound hand and foot and cast into an attic room with Vera, who also is bound by her captors.

In a fit of wrath, King, the bandit leader, sets fire to the house. The bandits flee and Locke and Vera are left to a tortuous death in the flames. But the police arrive unexpectedly. The crooks are engaged in a hand-to-hand fight and eventually are overpowered. Then the burning house is entered. Locke and Vera emerge through the smoke and flame, he having been able to loose the ropes and carry the half conscious girl to safety.

The adventures of the day are the start of romance. Friendship ripens into love. The young lineman proves his worth and Vera becomes his wife. Before the two open the rosy vista of a long and happy life together.

Exhibitor's Herald, January 1, 1916

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