The Silence of John Gordon

Release Date:   8/18/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy-drama
Director:   Harry Pollard
Writer:   Harry Pollard
Confirmed Cast:   Margarita Fischer, Harry Pollard, Fred Gamble, Kathie Fischer, Joseph Harris
Story Summary:

"A new parson arrives in the little village of Millville and having a mother and sister dependent upn him, is more or less of a shabby appearance. Moving into the little house provided by the church, he settles down to do what he can for his new flock. The people of Millville are aristocratic and do not overlove a parson whose shabby clothing will permit of but little public intimacy. The parson later meets the rector's daughter, Helen, a proud village belle, but she spurns him and flaunts her favoritism for Tom Black, a small town disciple of Bacchus, who has been called to account by the parson for his public dissipations."

"Santa Barbara Morning Press"

August 20, 1914

page 2

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