Susanna's New Suit

Release Date:   8/11/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Harry Pollard
Writer:   J. Hungerford
Confirmed Cast:   Margarita Fischer, Harry Pollard, Dorothy Fischer, Joseph Harris, Fred Gamble, Mary Scott
Story Summary:

The dainty comedienne has a strenuous time in trying to live up to the character of Susanna Van Duser, a sprightly young wife who divides her affections among her husband, her mother and bargain gowns. to staisfy an inordinate desire to possess every natty dress that appeals to her, she sometimes finds it highly diplomatic to play her doting hubby against his mother-in-law, and her tears against both...

She does win out in the end- due to the distraction of hubby who thinks her dead in a railroad wreck, when she has been fighting tooth and nail at a bargain sale, losing her purse and undergoing such rough usage in the melee that being in the railroad wreck might have been preferable.

So glad, indeed, is hubby over the fact that Susanna is alive, notwithstanding her fearfully 'mussed-up' appearance, he takes her to his heart and whispers in her ear that he will buy her suits enough to last for a lifetime."

- Moving Picture World, August 15, 1914

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