The Son of Thomas Gray

Release Date:   1/10/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Lorimer Johnston
Writer:   George Posner
Confirmed Cast:   Sydney Ayres, Harry Von Meter, Louise Lester, Charles Morrison, Jack Richardson
Story Summary:

The son of Thomas Gray, after his graduation, returns from college, becomes his father's partner, and later, when his parent's health begins to fail him, his successor. The income from a tonic, which unknown to the rest of the family, contains morphine, then becomes the family's sole means of subsistence. The doctor's son is highly ambitious and through hard work achieves renown and success. He becomes interested in social reform and pays frequent visits to the slums, where on one accasion, he sees a victim of morphine in the throes of deah. A bottle labeled "Gray's Tonic" strikes his eye, but of course, he knows nothing. A fellow physician, who has accompanied him, however, pockets the bottle.

At the meeting of the Pure Boods and Drug Board, of which he is a member, the doctor's son delivers a lecture on the evils wrought through lax censorship of drugs. His fellow physician voices his suspicion of Gray's Tonic, and suggests that they analize it. The son is given the commission and told to report the result at their next meeting. Then, while the aged parent awaits the result of the fateful analysis, the awful knowledge is revealed to the son. In an emotional scene the aged physician pleads with his son for the sake of the family honor and for their happiness, not to reveal the secret.

Which shall it be! During a restless night he is tormented by visions: his parents reduced to poverty and shame, the scene in the slums, and finally that of the chairman handing him his commission. The next day the parent, awaiting in feverish anxiety, hears the final decision, and in horror and rage disowns him. Then the hand of misfotune falls on the erstwhile family. Dishonor, a heavy fine, and the revocation of his license are the penalties invoked by the court, and poverty and want follow in the steps of the decision. The son pleads in vain for the privilege of supporting the family. The father will have nothing of him.

The hand of fate, however, brings about the long delayed reunion. When about to be evicted from their squalid lodgings, the landlord turns out to be none other than their son. The son takes them at once to his home and after his skillful treatment, soon restores his father to health.

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