A Suspended Ceremony

Release Date:   8/4/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy-Romance
Director:   Harry Pollard
Confirmed Cast:   Margarita Fischer, Harry Pollard, Kathie Fischer, Fred Gamble, Joseph Harris, Mary Scott
Story Summary:

Judge Lynn is a social climber and decides that his daughter, Trixy, shall marry Archibald Tendervery. There is another reason why the Judge is anxious for the match. He utterly despises his daughter's choice of a sweetheart, Jack Weston. The Judge is entertaining Archibald at his summer residence in Lakeside. Notwithstanding the vigilance of Mrs. Lynn, Jack and Trixy continue to meet. The Judge feeling that his wife is not competent to keep her eye on Trixy, sends for his maiden sister. Aunt Sophie arrives and is appointed guardian of Trixy. Trixy despises Archibald and avoids him as much as possible. Buddy and his father, the Judge, go out fishing in a boat. The day is uncomfortably warm and the Judge, after a time, dozes off asleep. Buddy looks around for something to do and decides to play a joke on his father. He gets a hold of the Judge's line and fastens an old boot to the hook. He pulls the line just enough to waken the Judge, who under the impression he has a bite, reels in his line. The Judge looks at the boot and then at Buddy. He puts two and two together with the result that Buddy gets another spanking.

The Judge rows to shore and the first thing that meets his gaze is Trixy and Jack in a love scene. The Judge already angry, breaks into a passion when he sees the lovers together. He separates them and threatens to blow the head off Jack if he ever finds him on his grounds. There is the usual tears on the part of Trixy, who is marched off to the house and locked in her room. Aunt Sophie receives instructions not to allow Trixy out. The Judge now decides there will be no more fooling; his daughter must marry Archibald Tendervery and at once. Archibald goes and procures a license. The Judge arranged with the local Justice of the Peace to row over to his house that evening and perform the ceremony. In the meantime Buddy to get even with his father, decides to help Jack and Trixy. He carries Jack a note from Trixy, acquainting him with the situation. Jack writes back and tells Trixy to be ready to elope when she gets his signal. He also procures a license but cannot find the Justice of the Peace. He is much worried. That evening he sees the Justice going towards the lake. He overtakes him and the Justice imparts the information he is going to perform a marriage ceremony over at the Judge's. When they get near the landing Jack informs the Justice that he is one of the parties to the ceremony. At the landing he sees Buddy, who promises to help him out. Buddy, by intrigue, gets Aunt out of the house and Jack assists Trixy from the room. They reach the boat, Jack showing his license.

Meantime the maiden sister returns and misses Trixy. She gives the alarm. The Judge and Archibald start in pursuit, but Jack, the Justice and Trixy are on the lake. Jack, fearing they will be overtaken, tells the Justice to marry them. They stand up and the ceremony begins.

The Judge and Archibald come within talking distance and the Judge tells the Justice he forbids the marriage. The Justice goes right ahead. The Judge stands up in the canoe and shakes his fists at them. The canoe is overturned. The Justice is about to say the words that bind the young lovers when Trixy, afraid her father has been drowned, has Jack throw him a rope. The wedding is interrupted. The Judge is pulled into the boat and the first thing he does is to toss Jack overboard. Jack swims ashore and vows he will get Trixy yet.

- Moving Picture World, August 1914

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