A Sister's Devotion

Release Date:   10/9/1912
Distributor:   Film Supply Company
of America
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Drama
Story Summary:

A sister determines to send her wayward brother out West. Several weeks after her brother has arrived she receives word that he is gambling and wasting his time and money. She suddenly makes up her mind to join him. There is nothing at this point to show who she is or her she secures her money, or why she follows the boy out West. It is quite certain however, that she does him little good when she gets there, for almost immediately afterward he kills a man over the card table. A young cowboy, who taken a fancy to his sister, helps the boy to escape, and with the three living in another portion of the country the story ends.

- Dramatic Mirror, October 9, 1912

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