The Sheriff's Sweetheart

Release Date:   2/27/1911
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   split
Brand:   American
Genre:   Western Drama
Director:   Frank Beal
Confirmed Cast:   Harry Pollard, Margarita Fischer
Story Summary:

Out in the desolate desert towns of New Mexico, there is many an honorable citizen whose life is haunted by a rash deed of youth or early manhood. Some deed that made him a fugitive from his native heath and drove him into the frontier wilderness of the far West. Even there, sometimes the law ferrets him out and drives him further and further from civilization with never a chance of reparation.

So it was with Dad Boulter, the much loved old justice of Crazy Gulch. For years he has lived there with his daughter, the pride of the gulch, and then one day there came to him a letter from the East, warning him that the next mail would carry a letter appraising the community of his folly. Disgrace and ruin were approaching the little western home, so acting upon an impulse of self-preservation, the old justice buckled on his pistol and rode to the outskirts of the town, held up the stage and confiscated the mail bag. The fatal letter was destroyed and the justice fled before the pursuit of the young sheriff and his posse.

It happened that the sheriff was betrothed to Nell, the daughter of the justice, and the strong struggle between love and duty, when he realized who his fugitive was, makes an intense dramatic situation. The justice was wounded in the chase and staggering into his hut, he bade his daughter bind his wound and hide him from the posse.

The loyal girl hid her father under a bundle of clothing and admitted the sheriff. Her ruse was a failure and the presence of the old man was discovered. It was apparently all up when the clever girl proposed that the father be allowed to marry her to the sheriff before being taken away. With a little persuasion, the sheriff consented. For want of a wedding ring, the girl proposed the use of the sheriff’s handcuffs. When the unsuspecting sheriff was off his guard, the girl seized his gun, clamped the handcuffs on his wrist and hers and bade her father run. The old man got away safely, and the sheriff, realizing he had been outwitted, turned to the girl and folding her in his arms, said, “ You win.”

- Moving Picture World, 1911

Unique Occurrences:

A split reel released with "The Silence System" and likely shot in Tucson though the story claims a New Mexico setting. Being as it is a split, it could have been something done in Santa Fe and held back until filled out. The film was only 800 feet in length.

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