The Silence System

Release Date:   2/27/1911
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   split
Brand:   American
Genre:   Comedy
Story Summary:

"The loyal, hardworking husband, who devotes every moment of his spare time to thoughts of his home, hastens from his place of business.

On his homeward journey he buys a handsome ring for his wife.

He resumes his journey homeward. Entering the house a few moments later than usual, he is met by his wife, and in exchange for his cheerful greetings receives harsh words. The wife ceases for a period, when he takes the morocco case from his pocket, opens it and displays the handsome ring he has purchased for her. She is immediately transformed from a veritable shrew into a loving, cheerful wife."

- Moving Picture World, 1911

Unique Occurrences:

Split reel released with "The Sheriff's Sweetheart"

Additional Information About This Film

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