Sweet and Low

Release Date:   10/28/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Sydney Ayres
Confirmed Cast:   William Garwood, Vivian Rich, Viola Gladwyn, Mary Scott, Harry Von Meter
Story Summary:

Bryan Kyam, an old man, finds his way to a bench in a city park. He sits there thinking, sad and lonely. A little child, playing in the park, comes to him and, laying her little hand on his, looks up in his face, asking him what makes him so sad. He is startled and, looking up, beholds the little child before him. He starts as though to grab the child to him when he remembers that he has never seen this little one before. The touch of a baby hand brings back fond memories to his mind and with the child beside him he recalls pictures of the past.

The sweetest thing to him was the picture of the young mother over her babe, singing "Sweet and Low." They were all so happy in the little cottage, but Bryan, not satisfied, wished to give them more. He left for the West to the land of gold. There in that rough country he labored hard and always there come to him the words of "Sweet and Low." He was successful, but all too late. He received word that his wife had died. Broken hearted, he hurried home to find his baby, but she has been taken by a family and he is unable to locate them. He scours the country for the little one, but finally gives it up as hopeless. Through all the years he has been alone, happy only with the memories of the little mother. Finishing his story he sits, face in hands. The little child besides him climbs up and, putting her arms about his neck tries to comfort him and says, "'Sweet and Low, sweet and low, Father will come to thee soon,' why that is what my mother sings."

Taking him by the hands she begs him to come with her. He goes with her to her home across the street, and upon the porch, where, looking through the large French windows, he sees a young mother with her babe, and hears the old, old song "Sweet and Low." He is overcome and falls to the floor. The young mother hearing the confusion on the porch rushes to the window and helps the old man in. She seats him in a large chair. He looks at her, takes her hand and searches her face for that which he has been looking for all these years. He has found his little girl at last.

- Moving Picture World, October 1914

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