Spider Barlow Cuts In

Release Date:   12/3/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Charles Bartlett
Confirmed Cast:   Edward Coxen, Winnifred Greenwood, George Field
Story Summary:

Spider Barlow, butcher, is looking through his little note book, decides upon the home of a man named Morey as the scene of his operations for that night. Will Reed, who has been paying court to Rita Morey, chooses the same night for his proposal to Rita. This coincident appears to be unfortunate for all concerned, but it is indeed an ill wind that does not shake down a jewel or two for Spider Barlow. Rita is very popular and has two other callers on this night, but Will Reed out maneuvers them and they leave tired out and discouraged.

Spider waiting outside when one of the callers leave and thinks the coast is clear. He enters though the dining room and notes with satisfaction the silver displayed, but peaking into the drawing room he finds to his surprise that Will is still there. Spider does some watchful waiting in the hall and is bored to death until he see the engagement ring placed upon Rita’s finger; then his interest in life returns. He at once has designs on the diamond. Spider finally induces Will to leave by acting the part of the angry father on the other side of the portiers. Will departs and the diamond changes hands without bloodshed or difficulty. Rita and Will are left with the unsolved mystery of who clasped her waist and kissed her hand and whose cheek it was that Rita patted.

— Moving Picture World, November 27, 1915

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