The Silver Lining

Release Date:   11/29/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Drama
Director:   William Eason
Confirmed Cast:   Alfred Vosburgh, Vivian Rich
Story Summary:

Nellie Allen, a stenographer, is supporting her father who is dying with tuberculosis. She loses her position. Nell’s father forges a check to save Nell from making the supreme sacrifice. The father is sent to prison. Nell obtains employment as a companion to the mother of Dick, a wealthy, young ranch owner.

In the meantime, Nell’s father escapes from prison. Dick and Nell become friends. Her father, after his escape makes straight for the Murdock ranch. In the dead of night he knocks on Nell’s window. One of the cowboys, who receives a cold reception when he tries to make love to Nell, was in hiding and saw everything. The next day while talking to the other cowboys he tells of seeing a man enter Nell’s window.

Dick overhears the conversation. He thrashes the cowboy but later goes to Nell’s room. He finds Nell’s father hidden in the clothes closet. The cowboy overhears Nell tell Dick that her father had escaped from prison. Planning revenge the cowboy goes to the sheriff and tells him everything. The posse is assured that Allen is not there, but the cowboy tells them where he is hidden. They break in Nell’s room and find her kneeling beside her father’s bed, the aged man is dead. Dick offers an explanation. The sheriff turns abruptly on the tell-tale cowboy, who, at pistol’s point, is driven from town. Dick takes the girl in his arms and then and there declares his love.

— Moving Picture World, November 27, 1915

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