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DetailsTitleReelsU.S. Release DateGenreBrand
ViewSettled Out of Court1January 1, 1916Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewWraith of Haddon Towers, The3January 1, 1916Period DramaClipper
ViewMatching Dreams2January 3, 1916Comedy-DramaFlying A
ViewBilly Van Deusen's Shadow1January 4, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewOther Side of the Door, The5January 6, 1916Period DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewTime and Tide1January 7, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewTo Be or Not to Be1January 8, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewGamble, The2January 10, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewViviana2January 10, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewFirst Quarrel, The1January 11, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSecret Wire, The2January 14, 1916RomanceFlying A
ViewSpider Barlow Meets Competition1January 14, 1916ComedyFlying A
ViewGetting in Wrong1January 15, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewWater Stuff3January 15, 1916ComedyMustang
ViewHills of Glory, The2January 17, 1916WesternMustang
ViewThoroughbred, The5January 17, 1916Social DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewSilent Trail, The2January 18, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewJohnny's Birthday1January 19, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewWild Jim - Reformer2January 21, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewThunderbolt, The1January 21, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewMischief and a Mirror1January 23, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewMan in the Sombrero, The2January 25, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewSome Night1January 26, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewLord Loveland Discovers America5January 27, 1916Comedy-dramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewSanitarium Scramble, A1January 28, 1916Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewSmugglers of Santa Cruz, The3January 28, 1916DramaClipper
ViewWalk This Way1January 30, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewBroken Cross, The2February 1, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewBilly Van Deusen's Wedding Eve1February 2, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewExtra Man and the Milk Fed Lion, The3February 4, 1916ComedyMustang
ViewMammy's Rose1February 4, 1916Western DramaFlying A
ViewWhite Rosette, The5February 5, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewLaird O' Knees, The1February 6, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewLillo of the Sulu Seas3February 8, 1916DramaClipper
ViewWon by One1February 9, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewPowder5February 10, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewAccording to St. John3February 11, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewBilly Van Deusen and the Vampire1February 13, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewLife's Blind Alley5February 14, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewModern Sphinx, A3February 15, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewElla Wanted to Elope1February 16, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewWhen the Light Came3February 18, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewBattle of Cupidovich, The1February 20, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewLife's Harmony3February 22, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewToo Much Married1February 23, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewDouble Crossed3February 25, 1916DramaMustang
ViewCraving, The5February 26, 1916Social DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewCooking His Goose1February 27, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewHappy Masquerader, The3February 29, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewJohnny's Jumble1March 1, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewEmbers5March 2, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewDad's College Widow1March 5, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSilken Spider, The3March 7, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewGay Blade's Last Scrape, The1March 9, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTrue Nobility5March 9, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewQuagmire, The3March 10, 1916Mustang
ViewPersistent Percival1March 12, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSuppressed Order, The3March 14, 1916
ViewCurlew Corliss3March 17, 1916RomanceMustang
ViewOveralls5March 18, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewTips1March 19, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewCode of Honor, The3March 21, 1916WesternFlying A
ViewCupid at Cohen's1March 23, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewBruiser, The5March 23, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewSnow Stuff3March 24, 1916Buck Parvin comedyMustang
ViewBubbles and the Barber1March 26, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewIn the Shuffle3March 28, 1916Drama
ViewTrunk an' Trouble, A1March 29, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewRevelations5March 30, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewRanger of Lonesome Gulch3March 31, 1916Western RomanceMustang
ViewBumble's Job1April 2, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewWays of the World, The2April 3, 1916Flying A
ViewBilly Van Deusen's Muddle1April 5, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewBonds of Deception3April 6, 1916Social DramaFlying A
ViewTwo Bits2April 7, 1916DramaMustang
ViewUnder Azure Skies3April 8, 1916DramaMustang
ViewArt and Arthur1April 9, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewApril5April 10, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewPeanuts and Powder1April 12, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewPendulum of Chance2April 13, 1916Social DramaFlying A
ViewSilent Selby3April 13, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewFlickering Light, A2April 14, 1916Western RomanceMustang
ViewWayfarers, The3April 15, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewImprobable Yarn of McQuirk, The1April 16, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewHis Masterpiece2April 17, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewNumber Please!1April 19, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewReturn, The2April 21, 1916DramaMustang
ViewRealization2April 22, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewBookworm's Blessed Blunders, The1April 23, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewCounterfeit Earl, The2April 24, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewBugs and Bugles1April 26, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewBroken Genius, A3April 27, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewUnlucky Luke2April 28, 1916DramaMustang
ViewTwo Beds and No Sleep1April 30, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewPierre Brissac "The Brazen"2May 1, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewBilly Van Deusen's Ancestry1May 3, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewLying Lips5May 4, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewWith a Life at Stake2May 5, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewAll for Nuttin'1May 7, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewOvercoat, The5May 8, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewTouch on the Key, The2May 8, 1916Drama
ViewSkelly's Skeleton1May 8, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSoulmates5May 8, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewProfligate, The3May 11, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewGulf Between, The2May 12, 1916Adventure DramaMustang
ViewDeacon's Card, The1May 14, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewNo Title1May 14, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewPretender, The2May 15, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewBilly Van Deusen's Fiancee1May 17, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewCourtesan, The5May 18, 1916melodramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewFour Months1May 18, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewBlindness, The2May 19, 1916DramaMustang
ViewTwenty Minutes In Magic1May 21, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewRepaid2May 22, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 01, The 2May 22, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewAdjusting His Claim1May 24, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewReclamation, The5May 25, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewJack2May 26, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewPork Plotters, The1May 28, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewMan from Manhattan, The5May 29, 1916Comedy-dramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewRelease of Dan Forbes, The2May 29, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 02, The 2May 29, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewComet's Come-Back, The1May 31, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTrail of the Thief, The3June 1, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewMan's Friend, A2June 2, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewIma Knutt Gets a Bite1June 4, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 03, The 2June 5, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewBilly Van Deusen's Operation1June 7, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewPilgrim, The2June 9, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewThinim Stout1June 11, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewInner Struggle, The5June 12, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewConvicted for Murder2June 12, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 04, The 2June 12, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewBilly Van Deusen's Egg-Spensive Adventure1June 14, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewAbandonment, The5June 15, 1916Social DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewSheriff of Plumas, The2June 16, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewPedigrees, Pups and Pussies1June 18, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewGentle Conspiracy, The2June 19, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 05, The 2June 19, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewHouse on Hokum Hill1June 21, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewModern Knight, A2June 23, 1916ComedyMustang
ViewJealousy's First Wife2June 25, 1916Social DramaFlying A
ViewDay's Work, The1June 25, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewFate of the Dolphin, The2June 26, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 06, The 2June 26, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewSign of the Spade, The5June 26, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewWhen Adam Had 'Em1June 28, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTangled Skeins3June 29, 1916RomanceAmerican
ViewDemon of Fear, The2June 30, 1916DramaMustang
ViewGink from Kankikee, The1July 2, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewKilled by Whom?2July 3, 1916DramaMutual-American
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 07, The 2July 3, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewBilly Van Deusen - Masquerader1July 5, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewHighest Bid, The5July 6, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewTaming of Wild Bill, The2July 7, 1916Western RomanceMustang
ViewGink Lands Again, The1July 9, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewDust5July 10, 1916Social DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewLove's Bitter Strength2July 10, 1916DramaMutual-American
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 08, The 2July 10, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewTwo Slips and a Miss1July 12, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewQuicksands of Deceit3July 13, 1916DramaMutual-American
ViewPurity7July 13, 1916Allegorical dramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewNugget Jim's Pardner2July 14, 1916DramaMustang
ViewRummy Act of Omar K.M., The1July 16, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 09, The 2July 17, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewDancer, The2July 17, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewIn the Land of the Tortilla1July 19, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewDyspeptic, The2July 21, 1916Comedy-dramaMustang
ViewStudio Satire, A1July 23, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 10, The 2July 24, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewPastures Green2July 24, 1916RomanceFlying A
ViewOut of the Rainbow3July 27, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewThat Gal of Burke's2July 28, 1916DramaMustang
ViewGamblers in Greenbacks1July 29, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewGerm Gem, A1July 30, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 11, The 2July 31, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewDreamer, The2July 31, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewDare Devils and Danger1August 2, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewMadonna of the Night, The3August 3, 1916Western DramaMutual-American
ViewStrength of Donald McKenzie, The5August 3, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewSandy - Reformer2August 4, 1916DramaMustang
ViewJust As He Thought1August 6, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 12, The 2August 7, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewLittle Troubadour, The2August 7, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewBilly Van Deusen the Cave Man1August 9, 1916Social ComedyBeauty
ViewPower of Mind, The3August 10, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewCourtin' of Calliope Clew, The2August 11, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewToo Bad, Eddie1August 13, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 13, The 2August 14, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewRuth Ridley's Returns2August 14, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewPerkins' Mystic Manor1August 16, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewHolly House, The3August 17, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewDiablo, El2August 18, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 14, The 2August 21, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewEnchantment2August 21, 1916Allegorical dramaFlying A
ViewMillion for Mary, A5August 21, 1916ComedyMutual Star Productions
ViewIn a Prohibition Town1August 23, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewNell Dale's Men Folks2August 25, 1916DramaMustang
ViewSecret of the Submarine - Episode 15, The 2August 28, 1916Serial DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewKey, The2August 28, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewTwo of a Kind1August 30, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewMan Who Would Not Die, The5August 31, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewForgotten Prayer, The3August 31, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewGambler's Lost Love, The2September 1, 1916Western RomanceMustang
ViewAtonement2September 4, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewYouth's Endearing Charm5September 4, 1916Social DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewBoomerang Gold Brick, A1September 6, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewLight, The5September 7, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewMatchin' Jim2September 8, 1916Western RomanceMustang
ViewSable Blessing, The5September 11, 1916Comedy-dramaMutual Star Productions
ViewThree Pals, The5September 15, 1916Comedy-dramaMutual Star Productions
ViewStinger Stung, The1September 18, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewLand O' Lizards5September 21, 1916WesternMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewTorch Bearer, The5September 25, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewDulcie's Adventure5October 2, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewSlicking the Slickers1October 3, 1916ComedyMutual-Beauty
ViewWoman's Daring, A5October 5, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewPhillip Holden - Waster5October 9, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewCitizens All2October 9, 1916DramaMutual-American
ViewThat Sharp Note2October 10, 1916ComedyMutual-Beauty
ViewDucking A Discord2October 15, 1916ComedyVogue
ViewBluff5October 16, 1916ComedyMutual Star Productions
ViewFranchise, The2October 16, 1916DramaMutual-American
ViewVoice of Love, The5October 19, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewUndertow, The5October 23, 1916Social DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewProfessor Jeremy's Experiment2October 23, 1916ComedyAmerican
ViewLove Hermit, The5October 26, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewFaith5October 30, 1916Social DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewSpartan Spleen1October 31, 1916ComedyMutual-Beauty
ViewLast Thrust, The1October 31, 1916ComedyMutual-Beauty
ViewPearl of Paradise, The5November 2, 1916DramaPollard Picture Plays
ViewAnd the Law Says5November 6, 1916Social DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewFight on the Dam*1November 9, 1916Western DramaReissue
ViewPeck O' Pickles5November 13, 1916ComedyMutual Star Productions
ViewStarbucks, The*2November 16, 1916DramaReissue
ViewImmediate Lee5November 16, 1916WesternMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewLone Star5November 23, 1916DramaMutual-American
ViewCalamity Anne - Guardian*1November 23, 1916Western DramaReissue
ViewSequel to the Diamond from the Sky - Episode 12November 25, 1916Serial DramaMutual Star Production Photo-Novel
ViewDream or Two Ago, A5November 27, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewCalamity Anne's Vanity*1November 30, 1916Western ComedyReissue
ViewSequel to the Diamond from the Sky - Episode 22December 2, 1916Serial DramaMutual Star Production Photo-Novel
ViewCapture of Rattlesnake Ike*, The1December 2, 1916Western ComedyReissue
ViewValley of Decision, The5December 4, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewRehabilitated*1December 8, 1916DramaReissue
ViewSequel to the Diamond from the Sky - Episode 32December 9, 1916Serial DramaMutual Star Production Photo-Novel
ViewMiss Jackie of the Navy5December 11, 1916Comedy-dramaPollard Picture Plays
ViewLonesome Town5December 11, 1916ComedyMutual Star Productions
ViewSequel to the Diamond from the Sky - Episode 42December 18, 1916Serial DramaMutual Star Production Photo-Novel
ViewTwinkler, The5December 18, 1916Crime DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewInnocence of Lizette, The5December 25, 1916Comedy-dramaMutual Star Productions
ViewRanch Exile, The1December 29, 1916WesternReissue