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DetailsTitleReelsU.S. Release DateGenreBrand
ViewLegend Beautiful, The2January 4, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewIn the Vale of Sorrow1January 5, 1915DramaBeauty
ViewAlarm of Angelon, The1January 6, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewRestitution2January 11, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewSpirit of Giving, The1January 12, 1915Social DramaBeauty
ViewBlack Ghost Bandit, The1January 13, 1915Western DramaFlying A
ViewClubman's Wager, The1January 15, 1915ComedyFlying A
ViewProducing a Nation's Pride1January 15, 1915DocumentaryAmerican
ViewRefining Fires2January 18, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewGirl and Two Boys, A1January 19, 1915Social ComedyBeauty
ViewCrucifixion of Al Brady, The1January 20, 1915Western DramaFlying A
ViewSilence2January 25, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewBillie Studies Music2January 25, 1915ComedySanta Barbara
ViewArm of the Law, The2January 25, 1915DramaSanta Barbara
ViewEvan's Lucky Day1January 26, 1915Social ComedyBeauty
ViewCoals of Fire1January 27, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewLaw of the Wilds, The2February 1, 1915Western DramaFlying A
ViewWhich Would You Rather Be?1February 2, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewImitations1February 3, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewJustified2February 8, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMrs. Cook's Cooking1February 9, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewHeart of Gold, A1February 10, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewWily Chaperone, The1February 12, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewIn the Twilight2February 15, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewHappier Man, The1February 16, 1915RomanceBeauty
ViewSaints and Sinners1February 17, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDecision, The2February 22, 1915Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewConstable's Daughter, The1February 23, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewShe Never Knew1February 24, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewHeart of Flame2March 1, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewHaunting Memory, The1March 2, 1915DramaBeauty
ViewDerelict, The1March 3, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMargy of the Foothills3March 3, 1915WesternMustang
ViewTruth of Fiction, The2March 8, 1915Western RomanceFlying A
ViewDoctor's Strategy, The1March 9, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewEcho, The1March 10, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewHis Mysterious Neighbor1March 12, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewTwo Sentences, The2March 15, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewIn the Mansion of Loneliness1March 16, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewCompetition1March 17, 1915Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewPlotters and Papers1March 17, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewFirst Stone, The1March 20, 1915DramaBeauty
ViewQuest, The5March 22, 1915Adventure DramaAmerican Distinctive Creation
ViewAncestry2March 22, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewWhen the Fire Bell Rang1March 23, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewIn the Heart of the Woods1March 24, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewIn the Sunlight2March 29, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewReformation, The1March 31, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewHis Brother's Debt2April 5, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewOnce Over, The1April 6, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewTouch of Love, The1April 7, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewProblem, The1April 9, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewPoet of the Peaks, The2April 12, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewPersistence Wins1April 13, 1915DramaBeauty
ViewWishing Stone, The1April 14, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewCastle Ranch, The2April 19, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewOh Daddy1April 20, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewShe Walketh Alone1April 21, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDay of Reckoning, The2April 26, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewNo Quarter1April 27, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewWife Wanted1April 28, 1915ComedyFlying A
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 01, The 2May 3, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewOne Summer's Sequel2May 3, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewFace Most Fair, The1May 4, 1915DramaBeauty
ViewWhen Empty Hearts are Filled1May 5, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDreams Realized1May 7, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 02, The 2May 10, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewAltar of Ambition, The2May 10, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewLife's Staircase1May 11, 1915RomanceBeauty
ViewBroken Window, The1May 12, 1915Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewDiamond from the Sky - Chapter 03, The2May 17, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewGreater Strength, The2May 17, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewLure of the Mask, The4May 17, 1915DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewNaughty Henrietta1May 18, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewAt the Edge of Things1May 19, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDiamond from the Sky - Chapter 04, The2May 24, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewIn the Purple Hills2May 24, 1915Western DramaFlying A
ViewStay-At-Homes, The1May 25, 1915RomanceBeauty
ViewReprisal, The1May 26, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDiamond from the Sky - Chapter 05, The2May 31, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewResolve, The2May 31, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewLittle Chrysanthemum1June 1, 1915DramaBeauty
ViewGolden Rainbow, A1June 2, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewLonesome Heart, The4June 3, 1915DramaAmerican Distinctive Creation
ViewGuiding Light, The1June 4, 1915Drama
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 06, The2June 7, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewRight to Happiness, The2June 7, 1915Western RomanceFlying A
ViewRedemptions of the Jasons, The1June 8, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewSoul of the Vase, The1June 9, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDiamond from the Sky - Chapter 07, The2June 14, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewHis Obligation2June 14, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMollycoddle, The1June 15, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewHer Musical Cook1June 16, 1915ComedyFlying A
ViewDiamond from the Sky - Chapter 08, The2June 21, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewPeggy Lynn - Burglar2June 21, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDeal in Diamonds, A1June 22, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewOne Woman's Way1June 23, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDiamond from the Sky - Chapter 09, The2June 28, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewBy Whose Hand?2June 28, 1915MysteryFlying A
ViewMadonna, The1June 29, 1915Social DramaBeauty
ViewGood Business Deal, A1June 30, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewWoman Scorned, A1July 2, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 10, The2July 5, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewMountain Mary2July 5, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewGuy Upstairs, The1July 6, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewHigh Cost of Flirting, The1July 7, 1915Comedy-romanceFlying A
ViewSecretary of Frivolous Affairs4July 8, 1915DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 11, The2July 12, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewZaca Lake Mystery, The2July 12, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewApplied Romance1July 13, 1915RomanceBeauty
ViewTo Melody a Soul Responds1July 14, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 12, The2July 19, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewHonor of the District Attorney, The2July 19, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewHis College Wife1July 20, 1915Social ComedyBeauty
ViewWait and See1July 21, 1915Social ComedyAmerican
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 13, The2July 26, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewNewer Way, The2July 26, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewBetty's First Sponge Cake1July 27, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewDeception, The1July 28, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewAfter the Storm1July 30, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 14, The2August 2, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewDetective Blinn2August 2, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewCupid Takes a Taxi1August 3, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewMighty Hold, The1August 4, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewGirl From His Hometown, The4August 5, 1915DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 15, The2August 9, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewExile of "Bar-K" Ranch, The2August 9, 1915Western RomanceFlying A
ViewJimmie on the Job1August 10, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewComrades Three1August 11, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewLove and Labor1August 14, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 16, The2August 16, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewJilt, The2August 16, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewHoneymooners, The1August 17, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewAssayer of Lone Gap, The1August 18, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewWhat's In a Name?1August 21, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 17, The2August 23, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewDrawing the Line2August 23, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewHis Mysterious Profession1August 24, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewMixed Wires1August 25, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewUncle Heck - By Heck!1August 28, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 18, The2August 30, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewDivine Decree, A2August 30, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewGreen Apples1August 31, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewSpirit of Adventure, The1September 1, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewInfatuation4September 2, 1915DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewBully Affair, A1September 4, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewQuestion of Honor, A1September 4, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 19, The2September 6, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewIn Trust2September 6, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewPlot and Counterplot1September 7, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewForecast, The1September 8, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewWhen His Dough Was Cake1September 11, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 20, The2September 13, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewSenor's Silver Buckle, The2September 13, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewIncognito1September 14, 1915Social ComedyBeauty
ViewLittle Lady Next Door, The1September 17, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewGreat Question, The3September 18, 1915DramaClipper
ViewFriend In Need, A1September 18, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 21, The2September 20, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewBarren Gain, The2September 20, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewEveryheart1September 21, 1915Allegorical comedyBeauty
ViewHouse of a Thousand Scandals, The4September 23, 1915DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewIt Was Like This1September 24, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewCats Cash and a Cook Book1September 25, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 22, The2September 27, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewTerror of the Twin Mountains1September 27, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewLove Mumps and Bumps1September 28, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewHearts in Shadow1October 1, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMixed Males1October 2, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewMan Afraid of His Wardrobe3October 2, 1915ComedyMustang
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 23, The2October 4, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewDamaged Goods*7October 4, 1915Social DramaMutual Special Feature
ViewJust as It Happened2October 4, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMother's Busy Day1October 5, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewBreezy Bill - Outcast2October 8, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewSting of It, The1October 8, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewPardoned3October 9, 1915DramaClipper
ViewCuring Father1October 9, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 24, The2October 11, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewLet There Be Light2October 11, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewBillie - The Hill Billy1October 12, 1915DramaBeauty
ViewProfit From Loss1October 15, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewTwo Spot Joe2October 15, 1915WesternMustang
ViewAided by the Movies1October 16, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 25, The2October 18, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewBlot on the Shield, The2October 18, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewAlias James - Chauffeur1October 19, 1915RomanceBeauty
ViewMiracle of Life, The4October 21, 1915DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewVisitors and Visitees1October 22, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewSheriff of Willow Creek , The2October 22, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewBuck's Lady Friend3October 23, 1915ComedyMustang
ViewDeserted at the Auto1October 23, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 26, The2October 25, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewOut of the Ashes2October 25, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewTouring With Tillie1October 26, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewSmuggler's Cave, The1October 29, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewPlaying for High Stakes2October 29, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewIdol, The2October 30, 1915DramaClipper
ViewAuto-Bungalow Fraces, An1October 30, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 27, The2November 1, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewWasp, The2November 1, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewOne to the Minute1November 2, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewOn Secret Service1November 5, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewTrail of the Serpent, The2November 5, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewBilly Van Deusen's Campaign1November 6, 1915Social ComedyBeauty
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 28, The 2November 8, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewAlice of Hudson Bay2November 8, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewHer Adopted Father1November 9, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewEnd of the Road, The5November 11, 1915DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewMan to Man2November 12, 1915DramaMustang
ViewTo Rent, Furnished1November 12, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewAlmost a Widow1November 13, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewThis Is the Life3November 13, 1915ComedyMustang
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 29, The2November 15, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewSubstitute Minister, The2November 15, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewJohnny the Barber1November 16, 1915Social ComedyBeauty
ViewDrifting1November 19, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewWarning, The2November 19, 1915DramaMustang
ViewAnita's Butterfly1November 20, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewWinning Hand, The3November 20, 1915DramaClipper Star Features
ViewDiamond From the Sky - Chapter 30, The2November 22, 1915Serial DramaNorth American
ViewKey to the Past, The2November 22, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewDrummer's Trunk, The1November 23, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewValley Feud, The2November 26, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewBluffers, The1November 26, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewCupid Beats Father1November 27, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewSilver Lining, The2November 29, 1915Western DramaFlying A
ViewBilly Van Deusen and the Merry Widow1November 30, 1915Social ComedyBeauty
ViewBroadcloth and Buckskin2December 3, 1915Western ComedyMustang
ViewSpider Barlow Cuts In1December 3, 1915ComedyFlying A
ViewMaking Over Father1December 4, 1915Social ComedyBeauty
ViewFilm Tempo3December 4, 1915WesternMustang
ViewWater Carrier of San Juan, The2December 6, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewPretenses1December 7, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewBuzzard's Shadow, The5December 9, 1915DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewThere's Good in the Worst of Us2December 10, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewBroken Cloud, A1December 10, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewCurly3December 11, 1915DramaClipper
ViewNobody's Home1December 11, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewSolution of the Mystery, The2December 13, 1915MysteryFlying A
ViewGirl a Guard and a Garret, A1December 14, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewIn the Sunset Country2December 17, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewSpider Barlow's Soft Spot1December 17, 1915ComedyFlying A
ViewTwo Hearts and a Thief1December 18, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewClean-Up, the2December 20, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMaking a Man of Johnny1December 21, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewYes or No1December 24, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewPitch O' Chance, The2December 24, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewAuthor! Author!1December 25, 1915Buck Parvin comedyMustang
ViewThat Country Gal1December 25, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewTragic Circle, The2December 27, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewKiddus, Kidds and Kiddo1December 28, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewCactus Blossom, The2December 31, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewMender, The1December 31, 1915DramaFlying A