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DetailsTitleReelsU.S. Release DateGenreBrand
ViewMiser's Policy, The1January 3, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewPower of Light, The2January 5, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewSon of Thomas Gray, The1January 10, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewDestinies Fulfilled3January 12, 1914Period DramaFlying A
ViewWithering Roses1January 14, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewUnto the Weak1January 17, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewReturn of Helen Redmond, The2January 19, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewFooling Uncle1January 21, 1914Comedy-romanceBeauty
ViewAt the Potter's Wheel1January 21, 1914Drama
ViewBlowout at Santa Banana, A2January 26, 1914Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewBess - The Outcast1January 28, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewCalamity Anne in Society1January 31, 1914Western ComedyFlying A
ViewHermit, The2February 2, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewSally's Elopement1February 4, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewTrue Western Hearts1February 7, 1914Western Drama
ViewLost Treasure, The3February 9, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewWife, The1February 11, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewMoney Lender, The1February 14, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewCricket on the Hearth2February 16, 1914Period DramaFlying A
ViewSacrifice, The1February 18, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewPote Lariat of the "Flying A", The1February 21, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewDream Child, The2February 23, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewProfessor's Awakening, The1February 25, 1914RomanceBeauty
ViewCarbon Copy, A1February 28, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewCrucible, The1March 2, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewItalian Love1March 4, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewPursuer Pursued, The1March 5, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewChild of the Desert, A1March 7, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewCall of the Traumerei, The3March 9, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewClosed at Ten1March 11, 1914Comedy-romanceBeauty
ViewStory of Little Italy, A1March 14, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewModern Free Lance, A2March 16, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewGirl Who Dared, The1March 17, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewComing of the Padres, The1March 18, 1914Period DramaFlying A
ViewTurning Point, The2March 23, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewPeacock Feather Fan, The1March 24, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewDecree of Justice, A1March 25, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewTown of Nazareth, The2March 30, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewSweet Land of Liberty1March 31, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewCertainty of Man, The1April 1, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewLike Father Like Son2April 6, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewRetribution1April 7, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewHappy Coersion, A1April 8, 1914ComedyFlying A
ViewSecond Clue, The1April 10, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewLast Supper, The2April 13, 1914Period DramaFlying A
ViewMlle. La Mode1April 14, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewIndependence of Susan, The1April 15, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewWidow's Investment, The2April 20, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewMan Who Came Back, The1April 21, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewDavid Gray's Estate1April 22, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewHer Fighting Chance2April 27, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewFlurry in Hats, A1April 28, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewSmouldering Spark, The1April 29, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewIn the Moonlight2May 4, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewEugenics Versus Love1May 5, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewStory of the Olive, The1May 6, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Love Affair1May 8, 1914Western ComedyFlying A
ViewSoul Astray, A1May 11, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewHer Heritage1May 12, 1914Social DramaBeauty
ViewNavy Aviator, The1May 13, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewIn the Footprints of Mozart2May 18, 1914Allegorical dramaFlying A
ViewCourting of Prudence, The1May 19, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewBeyond the City1May 20, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewLost Sermon, The2May 25, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewJane the Justice1May 26, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewSheltering an Ingrate1May 27, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewMetamorphosis, The2June 1, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewDrifting Hearts1June 2, 1914Social DramaBeauty
ViewPrince of Bohemia, A1June 3, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewMein Lieber Katrina1June 5, 1914ComedyFlying A
ViewOath of Pierre, The2June 8, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewNancy's Husband1June 9, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewSparrow of the Circus1June 10, 1914Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewJim2June 15, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewDream Ship, The1June 16, 1914Period DramaBeauty
ViewUnmasking, The1June 17, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewPainted Lady's Child, The2June 22, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewTale of the Tailor, The1June 23, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewBlue Knot - King of Polo1June 24, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewLittle House in the Valley, The2June 29, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewVia Fire-Escape1June 30, 1914Social ComedyBeauty
ViewNature's Touch1July 1, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewMein Lieber Katrina Catches the Convict1July 3, 1914ComedyFlying A
ViewCameo of the Yellowstone2July 6, 1914WesternAmerican Distinctive Creation
ViewOther Train, The1July 7, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewFeast and Famine1July 8, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewLure of the Sawdust, The2July 13, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewJoke on Jane, A1July 14, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewYouth and Art1July 15, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewMan's Way, A2July 20, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewHer Really Mother1July 21, 1914Social DramaBeauty
ViewBusiness Versus Love1July 22, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewBroken Barrier, The2July 27, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewMidsummer Love Tangle, A1July 28, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewDoes it End Right?1July 29, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewAll on Account of a Jug1July 31, 1914ComedyFlying A
ViewAt the End of A Perfect Day2August 3, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewSuspended Ceremony, A1August 4, 1914Comedy-RomanceBeauty
ViewWidow, The1August 5, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewTrap, The2August 10, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewSusanna's New Suit1August 11, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewButterfly, The1August 12, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewFalse Gods2August 17, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewSilence of John Gordon, The1August 18, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewTheir Worldly Goods1August 19, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewThis is th' Life2August 24, 1914Drama
ViewSusie's New Shoes1August 25, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewLodging for the Night1August 26, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewConverting Dad1August 28, 1914Comedy
ViewSong of the Seashell, The1August 28, 1914Adventure DramaFlying A
ViewAftermath, The2August 31, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewModern Othello, A1September 1, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewWrong Birds, The1September 2, 1914ComedyFlying A
ViewLola2September 7, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewMotherless Kids, The1September 8, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewBreak! Break! Break!1September 9, 1914Period DramaFlying A
ViewCocoon and the Butterfly2September 14, 1914RomanceFlying A
ViewDamaged Goods7September 15, 1914Social DramaAmerican
ViewOnly Way, The1September 15, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewMirror, The1September 16, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewRedemption of a Pal, The2September 21, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewCaught in a Tight Pinch1September 22, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewHis Faith in Humanity1September 23, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewTaming of Sunnybrook Nell, The1September 25, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewModern Rip Van Winkle, A2September 29, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewLegend of Black Rock, The1September 29, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewIngrate, The2September 30, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewDaphnia2October 5, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewNieda1October 6, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewBilly's Rival1October 7, 1914RomanceFlying A
ViewJailbirds1October 12, 1914RomanceFlying A
ViewWinsome Winnie1October 13, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewDown By the Sea1October 14, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewDaylight1October 19, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewDad and the Girls1October 20, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewIn the Open1October 21, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewFinal Impulse, The1October 23, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewSir Galahad of Twilight2October 26, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewRude Awakening, A1October 27, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewSweet and Low1October 28, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewRuin of Manley, The2November 2, 1914Western RomanceFlying A
ViewTightwad, The1November 3, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewWhen the Roads Part1November 4, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewSlice of Life, A2November 9, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewMotherhood1November 10, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewStolen Masterpiece, The1November 11, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewRedbird Wins2November 16, 1914melodramaFlying A
ViewWhen Queenie Came Back1November 17, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewBeppo1November 18, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewOld Enough to be Her Grandpa1November 20, 1914ComedyFlying A
ViewIn the Candlelight2November 23, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewAs a Man Thinketh (So He Is)1November 24, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewArchaeologist, The1November 25, 1914ComedyFlying A
ViewBeggar Child, The2November 30, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewCupid and a Dresscoat1December 1, 1914Social ComedyBeauty
ViewStrength O' Ten, The1December 2, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewOut of the Darkness2December 7, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewLimping to Happiness1December 8, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewGirl in Question, The1December 9, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewIn Tune2December 14, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewHer Younger Sister1December 15, 1914RomanceBeauty
ViewSilent Way, The1December 16, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewTrapped By Heliograph1December 18, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewSower Reaps, The2December 21, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewBrass Buttons1December 22, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewTin Can Shack, The1December 23, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewWhen a Woman Waits2December 28, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewLove Knows No Law1December 29, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewUnseen Vengeance, The1December 30, 1914DramaFlying A