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DetailsTitleReelsU.S. Release DateGenreBrand
ViewLove and the Law1January 2, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewFraud That Failed, The1January 4, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewAnother Man's Wife1January 6, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewTrail of Cards, The1January 9, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Inheritance1January 11, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewTheir Masterpiece1January 13, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewAwakening, The1January 16, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewHis Old-Fashioned MothersplitJanuary 18, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewEnglish Walnut Industry, ThesplitJanuary 18, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewWhere Destiny Guides1January 20, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewSilver Plated Gun, The1January 23, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewRose of Mexico, The1January 25, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewLatent Spark, The1January 27, 1913Western RomanceFlying A
ViewBuilding the Great Los Angeles Aqueduct1January 30, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewWomen Left Alone1February 1, 1913Allegorical dramaFlying A
ViewAndrew Jackson2February 3, 1913Period DramaAmerican
ViewHis Sacrifice1February 6, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Vanity1February 8, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewFugitive, The1February 10, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewPecos Pete in Search of a Wife1February 13, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewRomance, The1February 15, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewFiner Things, The1February 17, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy Heir, The1February 20, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewLove is Blind1February 22, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewWhen the Light Fades1February 24, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewFamous Illinois Canyons and Starved RocksplitFebruary 27, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewFather's FinishsplitFebruary 27, 1913ComedyAmerican
ViewHigh and Low1March 1, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewGreater Love, The1March 3, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewJocular Winds, The1March 6, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewTransgression of Manuel, The1March 8, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne - Detective1March 10, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewBrother Love1March 13, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewOrphan's Mine, The1March 15, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewWhen a Woman Won't1March 17, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewLesson, The1March 20, 1913RomanceFlying A
ViewEastern Flower, An1March 22, 1913Western RomanceFlying A
ViewCupid Never Ages1March 24, 1913RomanceFlying A
ViewLonesome Joe1March 27, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Beauty1March 29, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewRenegade's Heart, The1March 31, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewMatches1April 3, 1913Comedy-romanceFlying A
ViewMute Witness, The1April 5, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewCupid Throws a Brick1April 7, 1913RomanceFlying A
ViewHomestead Race, The1April 10, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewWoman's Honor1April 12, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewSuspended Sentence1April 14, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewIn Another's Nest1April 17, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewWays of Fate, The1April 19, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewBoobs and Bricks1April 21, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewWhen Jim Returned1April 24, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Trust1April 26, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewOil on Troubled Waters2April 28, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewTattooed Arm, The1May 1, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewRoad to Ruin, The1May 3, 1913Allegorical dramaFlying A
ViewBrothers, The1May 5, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewHuman Kindness1May 8, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewYouth and Jealousy1May 10, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewAngel of the Canyons, The1May 12, 1913Western RomanceFlying A
ViewKiss, The1May 15, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewGreat Harmony, The1May 17, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewHer Innocent Marriage1May 19, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne Parcel Post1May 22, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewModern Snare, A1May 24, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewAshes of Three, The2May 26, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewOn the Border1May 29, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewHer Big Story1May 31, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewWhen Luck Changes1June 2, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewWishing Seat, The1June 5, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewVia Cabaret1June 7, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewCalifornia Poultry1June 9, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewHearts and Horses1June 12, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewReward of Courage, The1June 14, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewSoul of a Thief, The2June 16, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewUnwritten Law of the West, The1June 19, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewMarine Law1June 21, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewHusband's Mistake, A1June 23, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne Takes a Trip1June 26, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewDead Man's Shoes1June 28, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewQuicksands2June 30, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewPride of Lonesome, The1July 3, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewTale of Death Valley, A1July 5, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewSan Francisco - The Dauntless City1July 7, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewForeign Spy, The1July 10, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewSong of the Soup, ThesplitJuly 12, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewGarden Party in California, AsplitJuly 12, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewTruth in the Wilderness2July 14, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewTo Err is Human1July 17, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewAt the Half Breed's Mercy1July 19, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewJealousy's Trail1July 21, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewTom Blake's Redemption 1July 24, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewShe Will Never Know1July 26, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewScapegoat, The2July 28, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewMission Bells1July 31, 1913RomanceFlying A
ViewSingle-Handed Jim1August 2, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewWhen Chemistry Counted1August 4, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewGolden Gate Park and Environs1August 7, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewHis Sister Lucia1August 9, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewAdventures of Jacques, The2August 11, 1913Period DramaFlying A
ViewMystery of Tusa, The1August 14, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewEven Exchange, An1August 16, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewTide in the Affairs of Men1August 18, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewGolden Heart, The1August 21, 1913Western RomanceFlying A
ViewFlesh of His Flesh1August 23, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewFor the Flag1August 25, 1913Period DramaFlying A
ViewFrom the Portals of Despair1August 28, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewJack Meets His Waterloo1August 30, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewWhile There's Life1September 1, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewPoisoned Chop, The1September 4, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewMysterious Eyes, The1September 6, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewFor the Crown2September 8, 1913Period DramaFlying A
ViewThrough the Neighbor's Window1September 11, 1913Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewRed Sweeney's Defeat1September 13, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne - Heroine1September 15, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewFall Into Luck, A1September 18, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewTravelers of the RoadsplitSeptember 20, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewJim Takes a ChancesplitSeptember 20, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewGhost of the Hacienda, The2September 22, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewMrs. Carter's Campaign1September 25, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewMaster of Himself1September 27, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewFlirt and the Bandit, The1September 29, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewBadge of Honor, The1October 2, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewCrooks and Credulous1October 4, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewPitfall of the Installment Plan, A2October 6, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewTaming a Cowboy1October 9, 1913Western RomanceFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Sacrifice1October 11, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewMaking Pig IronsplitOctober 13, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewCourage of SortssplitOctober 13, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewEnd of Black Bart, The1October 16, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewMaking of a Woman, The1October 18, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewHidden Treasure Ranch1October 20, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewStep-Brothers, The1October 23, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewIn the Mountains of Virginia1October 25, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewIn the Days of Trajan2October 27, 1913Period DramaFlying A
ViewIn Three Hours1October 30, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewFollies of a Day and a Night1November 1, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewGirl and the Greaser, The1November 3, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewWhat Her Diary Told1November 6, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewHaunted House, The1November 8, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewMartha's Decision1November 10, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewAssisted Proposal, An1November 13, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewDrummer's Honeymoon, The1November 15, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewTrail of the Lost Chord, The2November 17, 1913Period DramaFlying A
ViewTale of the Ticker, ThesplitNovember 20, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewModern Steel Plant, AsplitNovember 20, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewCalamity Anne's Dream1November 22, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewOccult, The1November 24, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewSpartan Girl of the West, A1November 27, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewAt Midnight1November 29, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewAmerican Born2December 1, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewDivorce Scandal, A1December 6, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewTrapped in a Forest Fire1December 8, 1913RomanceFlying A
ViewHis First Case1December 11, 1913WesternFlying A
ViewArmed Intervention1December 13, 1913Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewWhere the Road Forks2December 15, 1913Allegorical dramaFlying A
ViewPersonal Magnetism1December 18, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewFate's Round-Up1December 20, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewShriner's Daughter, The2December 22, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewRose of San Juan, The1December 27, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewIn the Firelight2December 29, 1913DramaFlying A