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DetailsTitleReelsU.S. Release DateGenreBrand
ViewMrs. Gaylife's Visitors1January 2, 1911Social ComedyAmerican
ViewTenderfoot's Roundup, The1January 5, 1911Western ComedyAmerican
ViewArizona Romance, An1January 9, 1911Western DramaAmerican
ViewLucy's LoversplitJanuary 12, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewBorrowed Flat, ThesplitJanuary 12, 1911Social ComedyAmerican
ViewDental Disaster, AsplitJanuary 16, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewBattered Bridegrooms, ThesplitJanuary 16, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewBonanza King, The1January 19, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewWhen a Man's Single1January 23, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewBertie's Bandit1January 26, 1911Western ComedyAmerican
ViewGenius, The1January 30, 1911Social DramaAmerican
ViewMission in the Desert, The1February 2, 1911Western DramaAmerican
ViewPittsburg Millionaire, A1February 6, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewToo Much AuntsplitFebruary 9, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewOn the Installment PlansplitFebruary 9, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewQuiet Evening at Home, A1February 13, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewIn the Land of Cactus1February 16, 1911Western DramaAmerican
ViewCollege Spendthrift, The1February 20, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewStrategy1February 23, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewSilence System, ThesplitFebruary 27, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewSheriff's Sweetheart, ThesplitFebruary 27, 1911Western DramaAmerican
ViewCollege Chums1March 2, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewMemoriessplitMarch 6, 1911American
ViewHypnotizing a HypnotistsplitMarch 6, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewRich and the Poor, The1March 9, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewPenalty, The1March 13, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewDo You Know this Woman?1March 16, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewJob and the Girl, ThesplitMarch 16, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewField of Honor, The1March 20, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewHarem Skirt, The1March 23, 1911Social ComedyAmerican
ViewTalisman, The1March 27, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewTwo GirlssplitMarch 30, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewOsteopathysplitMarch 30, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewOh! You SuffragettesplitApril 3, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewCure for Laziness, AsplitApril 3, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewReddy's Redemption1April 6, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewCupid's Pocketbook1April 10, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewJimmy Minds the BabysplitApril 13, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewBungalow CrazysplitApril 13, 1911Social ComedyAmerican
ViewTwo Plucky Girls1April 17, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewOne Month to Live1April 20, 1911Social ComedyAmerican
ViewBud Nevins - Bad Man1April 24, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewBoss of the Lucky Ranch, The1April 27, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCalifornia Love Story, AsplitMay 1, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewUnited States Cavalry DrillsplitMay 1, 1911DocumentaryAmerican
ViewCrazy GulchsplitMay 4, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewHobo's Round UpsplitMay 4, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewOpium Smuggler, The1May 8, 1911DramaFlying A
ViewSheriff's Captive, The1May 11, 1911WesternFlying A
ViewRanchman's Vengeance, The1May 15, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy's Sacrifice, A1May 18, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewWestern Dream, AsplitMay 22, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewBranding a Bad MansplitMay 22, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewDaughter of Liberty, AsplitMay 25, 1911DramaFlying A
ViewTrooper's Heart, AsplitMay 25, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewRattlesnakes and GunpowdersplitMay 29, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewRanch Tenor, ThesplitMay 29, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewSheepman's Daughter, The1June 1, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewSagebrush Phrenologist, ThesplitJune 5, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewElopements on Double L Ranch, ThesplitJune 5, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
View$5000 Reward - Dead or Alive1June 8, 1911Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewWitch of the Range, The1June 12, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy's Ruse, ThesplitJune 15, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewLaw and Order on the Bar L RanchsplitJune 15, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewYiddisher Cowboy, ThesplitJune 19, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewBroncho Buster's Bride, ThesplitJune 19, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewHermit's Gold, The1June 22, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewActress and the Cowboys, ThesplitJune 26, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewSky Pilot's Intemperance, ThesplitJune 26, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewWestern Waif, A1June 29, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewCall of the Open Range, The1July 3, 1911Adventure DramaFlying A
ViewSchool Ma'am of Snake, ThesplitJuly 6, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewRanch Chicken, ThesplitJuly 6, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCupid in Chaps1July 10, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewOutlaw's Trail, The1July 13, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewRanchman's Nerve, The1July 17, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewWhen East Comes West1July 20, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCowboy's Deliverance, The1July 24, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCattle Thief's Brand, The1July 27, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewParting of the Trails, The1July 31, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCattle Rustler's End, The1August 3, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCattle Gold and Oil1August 7, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewRanch Girl, The1August 10, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewPoisoned Flume, The1August 14, 1911WesternFlying A
ViewBrand of Fear, The1August 17, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewBlotted Brand, The1August 21, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewAunty and the CowboyssplitAugust 24, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewChicago Swimming MarathonsplitAugust 24, 1911DocumentaryAmerican
ViewWestern Doctor's Peril, The1August 28, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewDiamond Smugglers, The1August 31, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy and the Artist, The1September 4, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewThree Million Dollars1September 7, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewStage Robbers of San Juan, The1September 11, 1911WesternFlying A
ViewMother of the Ranch, The1September 14, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewGunman, The1September 18, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewClaim Jumpers, The1September 21, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewCircular Fence, The1September 25, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewRustler Sheriff, The1September 28, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewLove of the West, The1October 2, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewMiner's Wife, The1October 5, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewLand Thieves, The1October 9, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy and the Outlaw, The1October 12, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewThree Daughters of the West, ThesplitOctober 16, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCaves of La Jolla, ThesplitOctober 16, 1911DocumentaryAmerican
ViewLonely Range, The1October 19, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewHorse Thief's Bigamy, The1October 23, 1911WesternFlying A
ViewTrail of the Eucalyptus, The1October 26, 1911WesternFlying A
ViewStronger Man, The1October 30, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewWater War, The1November 2, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewThree Shell Game, The1November 6, 1911WesternFlying A
ViewMexican, The1November 9, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewEastern Cowboy, The1November 13, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewWay of the West, The1November 16, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewTest, The1November 20, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewMaster of the Vineyard, The1November 23, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewJolly Bill of the Rollicking R1November 27, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewSheriff's Sisters, The1November 30, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewAngel of Paradise Ranch, The1December 4, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewSmoke of the Forty-Five, The1December 7, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewMan Hunt, The1December 11, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewSanta Catalina - Magic Isle of the Pacific1December 14, 1911DocumentaryAmerican
ViewLast Notch, The1December 18, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewGold Lust, The1December 21, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewDuel of the Candles, The1December 25, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewBonita of El Cajon1December 28, 1911Western DramaFlying A